Thornblade Shoot - "Pattern Play" with Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture

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I put together an amazing team of women for this project. It all started with a visit to my friend's home, Anne-Marie Welty.  She is a long time collector of fabulous things... particularly antiques and vintage items galore. In fact, she was in the magazine, Carolina Home and Garden, featuring her 200+ vintage hat collection. A group of hats so wonderful, it was making me drool a little. 
After some searching, I found models to do the shoot. I asked my makeup artist, Jacki (Jacqueline Demario) and she was on board without hesitation. Lastly, the important center piece to the puzzle was clothing... And of course I had to look NO further than the amazing Deborah Lindquist.  It all was coming together.  Deborah's designs are all recycled, hand made, and re-purposed from organic materials & clothing of the past.  
Please take a little stroll along the sidewalks as you window shop on Deborah's page.... 
Just like Anne-Marie's home, her pieces of clothing have a breath of new life... made from things that "once were" beautiful... and now are shining pretty again.  To top it off, I just needed accessories to finish the styles, including props, hats, and jewelry. I wanted to keep with the theme and not use anything new or manufactured.  And this was an easy find... In addition to the lovely home that Anne-Marie has fashioned, she also makes jewelry that is re-purposed from things of the past.  Including one necklace used in the shoot, made from an old clock spring.  What once ticked second after second keeping the time, now hangs delicately around a stunning female neck line. 
And so we began.. Monday morning with rain drops falling as we carried the equipment and over 15 outfits into this wonderful home in Greensburg, PA.  I wanted to find out more about the home, so I asked Anne-Marie for more details.  It was interesting to find out... They actually recycled many things in the home to be used over and over again, like the window shutters moved indoors for attic closet doors.  Another perfect connection in this photo shoot. 
Here's what she told me about "The Thornblade home"...

"Anna and Edward Thornblade built the home in 1910.  She was a laundress for the Lynch Estate and he was a manager of the Coal mines.  They had five or six children.  The last three remaining in the house were Edna, Dorthy and Julia.  Edna’s room was the pink rose wallpaper, Dorthy was the blue room, and Julia was my bead room.  When Julia broke her hip, she and Dorthy moved together to Saint Annes, with the intention of moving back to the home when she got better.  Julia died at St Annes, which devasted Dorthy.  At that point, Dorthy wanted to move home, but the family did not think she was well enough to move home.  She was known for her gardening and especially the hundreds of tulips she planted in the back…of which I have 5 left. 

I bought the house from Dorthy, who smiled from ear to ear when she saw me and wouldn’t stop starring.  I found out later from her nephew, that Julia had red hair, and I reminded her of Julia.

One morning as I was getting ready for work in Dorthy’s room, and Charlie (my dog) who was in a dead sleep woke up and started to bark at the wall.  I had a feeling, which was confirmed when I saw the obituary two days later, Dorthy had died.

Once, when Charlie and I were asleep , in the middle of the night, we both were jolted awake by the sound of a little girls voice saying, “Ah Oh!”

Then Brian and I have heard it again along with Mama Mama.

One night I could not sleep so I went down stairs, Brian came down in the night because he could not sleep…he said he kept on hearing load footsteps in the attic.  The next day we found out was the anniversary to the brothers death.

They recycled everything in that house.  Shutters became walls in the attic, old pocket doors became Dorthy’s closet doors.  Old crates became the wood to make the built-ins in the attic.  Which Deborah's clothing line, and my jewelry fits perfectly with.

The doll beside dorthy’s bed {left photo below}, was left in the house along with furniture, Christmas décor, clothing from the 30’s, and the father’s wedding suit."

I could post a hundred photos from this session, I'm really in love with so many.  Here is a collection of a few favorites to wet your appetite... In the coming month, more will be posted, so watch facebook and twitter!  Thank you to the lovely ladies... Deborah, Anne-Marie, Jacki, Greta, and Nirvana. You are all such beautiful, wonderful women I am thankful to have worked with :) 



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When I shoot, if there is time, I always love to throw some curve balls. So I decided to add our makeup artist, Jacki, & home owner, Anne-Marie, into a few of the photos between models. Here is our stunning Jacqueline Demario & Anne-Marie Welty. 
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ANNE-MARIE WELTY aka: Carnie Girl 
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