Boudoir Bachelorette Party

April 03, 2014

A boudoir bachelorette party is an alternate party option that gives the bride AND the bridesmaids something to keep and cherish. It takes place in our studio, where we have plenty of space for the party and photo shoots to happen simultaneously. The bride will get an extended session (3 outfits), and each girl in attendance will get a mini session (1 outfit). Not every girl is forced to do a session, but I guarantee by the end of the party everyone will be trying it out! I always allow for each girls' session to be private if requested, taking the girls to a separate room which is less intimidating. You can bring food, wine, drinks, and your own flair to the party. Sometimes bridesmaids will even give the bride a special lingerie gift for her wedding night, which she can open at the party and incorporate into her photos. We can schedule your party in the daytime, and end in early evening so you can all go to dinner somewhere feeling fabulous after your shoot.  Here's the scoop.... 
*  The 2014 cost of a party is $350 and you need a minimum of 4 girls. Typically the bridesmaids will split the party fee evenly, for example 6 girls would pay $59 each, and the bride does not pay anything. (However, its your choice on how you want to split payments). The charge for the party includes the time of the photographer, each girls' session, and the bride's extended session. Any photos the girls wish to purchase will be a la carte. We'll have options for them to look through including books, prints, etc. The bride also receives $50 in free credit towards any purchase of her choice. 
* BYOW... BYOF....BYOB... (wine, food, beer).... Pick your poison :)   Or we can have it catered for you, for an additional charge. 
*  Average party length is 3-4 hrs, and can be longer if more than 6 girls attend
*  A makeup artist can be provided for an additional charge (and is highly suggested!) Feel free to bring your own makeup artist, or I can set one up for you that I work with regularly.  If you already have an artist that is doing the makeup for the wedding, you can inquire with her since this will give an opportunity for the bride (and bridesmaids too!)  to test their makeup before the big day.  
*  Parties can only be scheduled on weekdays (we suggest a Friday) during peak season, but can schedule on Saturdays in off season. This is due to our Saturdays being reserved for weddings (May through November). 
*  A fun group shot at the end is always included! I suggest planning a cute outfit to all wear for this shot, such as bridesmaids tanks with jeans, robes, or your "evening outfit" for the upcoming bachelorette night. 
More info on boudoir photography can be found here, and our gallery of photos can be found here