Planning for ordering

March 03, 2014

Planning on what to purchase at your VIEW AND ORDER appointment
Your view and order appointment is optional, but highly suggested.  When your photos are finished with editing and you receive notification of the online link, I am ready to welcome you back anytime for this appointment.  So, what will we do?

1. Look at your photos on our big screen and walk around the studio glancing at options for frames, sizes, canvas, mini books, albums, and more.
2. Talk about what your goals for ordering are. Do you need a large portrait for the wall, or would you rather build a book of every image from the session? Do you love them all and prefer to take home the digital rights to print thousands of prints for years to come?
3.  We go through the photos,one by one. You'll rate them to me by saying  "yes, no or maybe".  This narrows the photos down into categories.
4.  With the photos narrowed down we then will begin to build your product choice list and finalize your order.

What should you bring with you, or prepare before the shoot?

If you have a smartphone, take a photo on the room, space, or wall that you plan on hanging photos.  When you arrive, you can email this to me and I'll pull it up on our big screen. We'll use this photo to place images from your session on the wall virtually,so you can see how it will look before you decide on any purchase.

Compile a list of family members that you would like to purchase gift prints for.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, babysitters, etc.  If you choose to not purchase prints for anyone but yourself, just let me know and after your proof session I will extend your online gallery so that family can purchase their own prints directly from our website.

If your order exceeds your $200 credit, your balance will be due at the end of this session. We offer a payment plan if you're interested, just ask! 

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