New natural light room

March 24, 2014

I'm super pumped about this. Like totally kid-in-a-candy-store excited. 
Our SkySight & Sunfall studios are located in this amazing old school house in the residential area of Greensburg. For several years, we fought the traffic of being in a store front in downtown just next to the courthouse. It was fabulous visibility, and I LOVED walking to the coffee shop only 10 steps away. But in spring of 2013, we truly found our home. Our own parking lot was enough to make the move totally worthwhile! And now, this...
In February we expanded the studio to include a natural light room. How amazing was it that one of the old classrooms has floor to ceiling windows, facing the right direction so the sunlight just perfectly into this room? It was meant to be.  
Some people ask why this is a big deal, and how natural light looks different from studio lighting. Well, there's some great advantages as well as disadvantages. 
the Pro's: 
- The light is just awesome. Soft, subtle, and wraps around the subject the way it does on a soft glowing sunset. 
- The room is full of light, in all directions, so children don't need to stay confined to one small 8x8 foot area such as when under a studio light set. Let them be free! 
the Con's: 
- the room is only accessible as long as the sunlight is! So if you would like to use this room for your shoot, you'll need to schedule between 10-3. 
Sample pics? Why certainly! Here you go! D4ClauseD4Clause