SkySight Photography: Blog en-us (C) SkySight Photography (SkySight Photography) Tue, 29 May 2018 16:46:00 GMT Tue, 29 May 2018 16:46:00 GMT SkySight Photography: Blog 90 120 Valerie and Britton's Wedding at the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer inside the Carnegie Museum Valerie and Britton got married at St Paul's Cathedral and held their reception just a block away, at the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer, located inside the Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History in Oakland. 

They began their day getting ready in separate suites inside the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh. From there, a limo escorted them and their parties to the cathedral in Oakland. After their ceremony, we walked across the street to the Carnegie Mellon Institute building, which has amazing grand columns and stairs.

Carnegie Music Hall and the Music Hall Foyer are considered one of the grandest wedding venues in all of Pittsburgh.  It is adorned with amazing architecture and marble columns. The Founder’s Room is the very space where Andrew Carnegie once greeted his museum guests, and one of my favorite spots to grab a few images of the bride and groom in front of its golden walls and streaming window light.  The hall of architecture is truly unique with its amazing historic pieces from centuries ago.

All of these places are shown in the photos below of Val and Brit's amazing wedding day in mid April. We couldn't be more thrilled for this couple and their beautiful marriage journey that is before them. 

A special note to recognize Val and Brit's wedding planner,  Alexis Allen at Shayla Hawkins Events for making the day so perfectly designed and organized! 

Congrats Val and Brit!! 

Costa_0019Costa_0019 Costa_0094Costa_0094 Costa_0073Costa_0073 Costa_0093Costa_0093 Costa_0096Costa_0096 Costa_0113Costa_0113 Costa_0138Costa_0138 Costa_0143Costa_0143 Costa_0153Costa_0153 Costa_0159Costa_0159 Costa_0173Costa_0173 Costa_0198Costa_0198 Costa_0216Costa_0216 Costa_0233Costa_0233 Costa_0258Costa_0258 Costa_0342Costa_0342 Costa_0357Costa_0357 Costa_0397Costa_0397 Costa_0407Costa_0407 Costa_0443Costa_0443 Costa_0453Costa_0453 Costa_0507Costa_0507 Costa_0518Costa_0518 Costa_0530Costa_0530 Costa_0554Costa_0554 Costa_0560Costa_0560 Costa_0563Costa_0563 Costa_0545Costa_0545 Costa_0617Costa_0617 Costa_0635Costa_0635 Costa_0638Costa_0638 Costa_0653Costa_0653 Costa_0663Costa_0663 Costa_0665Costa_0665 Costa_0666Costa_0666 Costa_0672Costa_0672 Costa_0687Costa_0687 Costa_0718Costa_0718 Costa_0754Costa_0754 Costa_0764Costa_0764 Costa_0741Costa_0741 Costa_0770Costa_0770 Costa_0771Costa_0771 Costa_0784Costa_0784 Costa_0791Costa_0791 Costa_0792Costa_0792 Costa_0796Costa_0796 Costa_0799Costa_0799 Costa_0806Costa_0806 Costa_0809Costa_0809 Costa_0810Costa_0810 Costa_0815Costa_0815 Costa_0819Costa_0819 Costa_0823Costa_0823 Costa_0825Costa_0825 Costa_0890Costa_0890 Costa_0897Costa_0897 Costa_0925Costa_0925 Costa_0898Costa_0898 Costa_0909Costa_0909 Costa_0910Costa_0910 Costa_0922Costa_0922 Costa_0932Costa_0932 Costa_0944Costa_0944 Costa_0954Costa_0954 Costa_0955Costa_0955 Costa_0962Costa_0962 Costa_0973Costa_0973 Costa_0984Costa_0984 Costa_0989Costa_0989 Costa_0999Costa_0999 Costa_1007Costa_1007 Costa_1011Costa_1011 Costa_1135Costa_1135 Costa_1128Costa_1128 Costa_1129Costa_1129 Costa_1113Costa_1113 Costa_1123Costa_1123 Costa_1096Costa_1096 Costa_1100Costa_1100



Shayla Hawkins Events

City Stems

Yamean Studios

2nd II None - DJ + Photo Booth

All Occasions


Lendable Linens

Loree Mayer Designs

Bella Christie

Cullinaire - catering and cake  

Benack Sound Productions



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Mother's Day Sale Mother's Day Special






Mother/child (photos together only, no singles of child alone)

30 mins, 2 backdrops

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 order credit included.








Mother/child (photos together only, no singles of child alone)

45 mins, 3 backdrops

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 order credit included.







Mother/child AND child alone photos

60 mins, 3 backdrops

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 order credit included.



DSC_4073-EditDSC_4073-Edit ARIAS_052ARIAS_052 DSC_3069-Edit-3DSC_3069-Edit-3 DSC_4293-EditDSC_4293-Edit ARIAS_128ARIAS_128 innocenti_108innocenti_108 hancock_118hancock_118 DSC_2916DSC_2916 ARIAS_060ARIAS_060 DSC_4113-EditDSC_4113-Edit innocenti_077innocenti_077

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Elopements & Courthouse Wedding Photography Elopements, courthouse weddings, civil ceremonies in the backyard, or however you choose to exchange vows, can all be amazing events - even if only the two of you + officiant and photographer are present. I've photographed a great deal of smaller weddings in the past, and I have to say that every single one is as special as a large wedding with hundreds of guests. The marriage of two people who love each other is a beautiful thing to witness, and I love to photograph it. I've photographed some that choose to have not one person in their family aware they were exchanging I Do's (A true elopement!), and sometimes when they are aware but still the bride and groom choose to keep it an intimate affair with just their children or a best friend as witnesses. The Westmoreland County courthouse located just a few miles from our studio is an absolutely beautiful building with opportunities for photos inside and outside. The alley way streets of Greensburg make for some really fun backgrounds if you wish to extend your portrait session a little longer after your courthouse wedding ceremony ends. The Diamond at Ligonier is also a very popular public location for a midday wedding on a weekday, just get the appropriate approval needed, an officiant and marriage license... not much left but to show up and exchange rings! Pittsburgh parks, such as Point State Park or West End Overlook have also been locations I've witnessed elopements, and make for some beautiful photographs as well with the city as backdrops.  No matter what your location choice is for saying I DO to your loved one, it will certainly be a special moment if you feel it in your heart.


hawkins_mcnab_0086hawkins_mcnab_0086 grace_0246grace_0246 grace_0156grace_0156 grace_0169grace_0169 grace_0094grace_0094 grace_0175grace_0175 grace_0256grace_0256 hawkins_mcnab_0030hawkins_mcnab_0030

hawkins_mcnab_0060hawkins_mcnab_0060 hawkins_mcnab_0091hawkins_mcnab_0091 hawkins_mcnab_0107hawkins_mcnab_0107 hawkins_mcnab_0124hawkins_mcnab_0124


KateJared (30)KateJared (30)

KateJared (57)KateJared (57) kilpatrick_0010kilpatrick_0010 kilpatrick_0035kilpatrick_0035 kilpatrick_0060kilpatrick_0060 kilpatrick_0083kilpatrick_0083 kilpatrick_0119kilpatrick_0119 kilpatrick_0064kilpatrick_0064


Stephanie_019Stephanie_019 Stephanie_061Stephanie_061


To book an elopement or courthouse wedding photography package, visit our website's wedding pricing page and scroll down to the elopement package section at the bottom.

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Jessica & Greg Omni William Penn wedding in downtown Pittsburgh PA Jessica and Greg had the winter wonderland wedding of any bride's dreams! There was just enough snow to feel extra special, but not too cold that we couldn't sneak outdoor for a few photos. Their venue, the Omni William Penn in downtown Pittsburgh is just the epitome of glamorous historic charm! Their day was full of friends, family, lots of love, and a celebration of dancing and laughter. Our best wishes to Jessica and Greg on a beautiful marriage in your future!

Jessica and Greg... Thank you so much for having Bill and I photograph your amazing day! We loved working with you and your family, who we have come to know so well through the weddings and events in your family we've been so honored to be a part of! Looking forward to the next Meyer wedding later this year! :) 

All our best! Cheers! 

~Autumn & Bill 

Moore_Meyer_0001Moore_Meyer_0001 Moore_Meyer_0005Moore_Meyer_0005 Moore_Meyer_0011Moore_Meyer_0011 Moore_Meyer_0033Moore_Meyer_0033 Moore_Meyer_0041Moore_Meyer_0041 Moore_Meyer_0116Moore_Meyer_0116 Moore_Meyer_0119Moore_Meyer_0119 Moore_Meyer_0120Moore_Meyer_0120 Moore_Meyer_0126Moore_Meyer_0126 Moore_Meyer_0188Moore_Meyer_0188 Moore_Meyer_0199Moore_Meyer_0199 Moore_Meyer_0212Moore_Meyer_0212 Moore_Meyer_0215Moore_Meyer_0215 Moore_Meyer_0093Moore_Meyer_0093 Moore_Meyer_0133Moore_Meyer_0133 Moore_Meyer_0137Moore_Meyer_0137 Moore_Meyer_0167Moore_Meyer_0167 Moore_Meyer_0258Moore_Meyer_0258 Moore_Meyer_0267Moore_Meyer_0267 Moore_Meyer_0247Moore_Meyer_0247 Moore_Meyer_0272Moore_Meyer_0272 Moore_Meyer_0279Moore_Meyer_0279 Moore_Meyer_0317Moore_Meyer_0317 Moore_Meyer_0340Moore_Meyer_0340 Moore_Meyer_0397Moore_Meyer_0397 Moore_Meyer_0386Moore_Meyer_0386 Moore_Meyer_0413Moore_Meyer_0413 Moore_Meyer_0470Moore_Meyer_0470 Moore_Meyer_0475Moore_Meyer_0475 Moore_Meyer_0493Moore_Meyer_0493 Moore_Meyer_0498Moore_Meyer_0498 Moore_Meyer_0532Moore_Meyer_0532 Moore_Meyer_0515Moore_Meyer_0515 Moore_Meyer_0540Moore_Meyer_0540 Moore_Meyer_0546Moore_Meyer_0546 Moore_Meyer_0557Moore_Meyer_0557 Moore_Meyer_0561Moore_Meyer_0561 Moore_Meyer_0573Moore_Meyer_0573 Moore_Meyer_0583Moore_Meyer_0583 Moore_Meyer_0602Moore_Meyer_0602 Moore_Meyer_0628Moore_Meyer_0628 Moore_Meyer_0670Moore_Meyer_0670 Moore_Meyer_0672Moore_Meyer_0672 Moore_Meyer_0684Moore_Meyer_0684 Moore_Meyer_0689Moore_Meyer_0689 Moore_Meyer_0697Moore_Meyer_0697 Moore_Meyer_0699Moore_Meyer_0699 Moore_Meyer_0705Moore_Meyer_0705 Moore_Meyer_0715Moore_Meyer_0715 Moore_Meyer_0726Moore_Meyer_0726 Moore_Meyer_0747Moore_Meyer_0747 Moore_Meyer_0712Moore_Meyer_0712 Moore_Meyer_0718Moore_Meyer_0718 Moore_Meyer_0733Moore_Meyer_0733 Moore_Meyer_0749Moore_Meyer_0749 Moore_Meyer_0773Moore_Meyer_0773 Moore_Meyer_0787Moore_Meyer_0787 Moore_Meyer_0799Moore_Meyer_0799 Moore_Meyer_0803Moore_Meyer_0803 Moore_Meyer_0812Moore_Meyer_0812 Moore_Meyer_0822Moore_Meyer_0822 Moore_Meyer_0834Moore_Meyer_0834 Moore_Meyer_0823Moore_Meyer_0823 Moore_Meyer_0829Moore_Meyer_0829 Moore_Meyer_0830Moore_Meyer_0830 Moore_Meyer_0833Moore_Meyer_0833 Moore_Meyer_0840Moore_Meyer_0840 Moore_Meyer_0870Moore_Meyer_0870 Moore_Meyer_0874Moore_Meyer_0874 Moore_Meyer_0945Moore_Meyer_0945 Moore_Meyer_0998Moore_Meyer_0998 Moore_Meyer_0992Moore_Meyer_0992 Moore_Meyer_0987Moore_Meyer_0987 Moore_Meyer_1006Moore_Meyer_1006

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photography convention tips for photographers  

Dear Photographers, 

Wanted to post some photography convention tips for you! 

While every season seems to be impossibly busy for those of us in the photography business, never forget to take some time to learn something new. Before wedding season is upon us and in full swing, sit down and consider what new skills you’d like to learn this year. From conferences to one-on-one workshops, there are opportunities to further your photography education around every corner! It’s always beneficial to learn new ways of doing things and remind yourself how beautiful the basics of our craft are. Whether you have new techniques to offer others, or see that one of your favorite photographers is hosting a session near you, collaborating with fellow photographers is a great way to enhance your skills.


These collaborations and workshops are great ways to spark inspiration that you would miss out on by pigeonholing yourself into the monotony of routine. Not to mention the mutual benefits that come along with being a part of an active network of artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. Get involved in both local and national communities online and in person to keep things fresh and never stop learning. One of the greatest gifts these communities provide is sharing knowledge and collaborating organically!

We do know that first getting involved can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled some tips to help navigate your way through the workshop world.

Choosing the right event to attend

The first question to ask yourself before planning or attending a conference is “what do I want to learn?” Different events serve different purposes, from education to testing out new products. Determining exactly what you want to achieve helps you narrow down selections. The most common reasons for attending a conference include learning new techniques, professional networking and checking out new products. No matter your goals, a workshop serves as a useful and fun place for professional development.

After your main goal for attending a workshop is established, choose between small or large, local or destination, themed or general and hands-on or more informative. Big scale conventions tend to be too large to offer an intimate, hands-on approach, so opt to leave your hardware at home for these. If your goal is to learn a new technique, smaller-scale workshops are just the place to bring your camera along and practice new techniques. On the other hand, if you want to do a lot of networking and listen to the leaders of your industry, consider choosing a larger event such as Imaging USAWPPI or Photo Plus Expo. Keep in mind, however, that these events tend to be in big cities and attract a huge audience so navigation can be challenging, but the presenters tend to be the best of the best in the industry!

When you’ve made your decision and the day arrives, remember to pack comfortable shoes, a small backpack and everyday essentials – water, a portable snack, notebook and pen (or ipad with portable keyboard for taking notes!), phone charger and business cards. Chances are you’ll make a lot of connections so business cards will keep you time and convenience! As the event goes on, keep an open mind and allow your plan to change if a spot in a previously full class opens up, or you find yourself with some extra time to mingle with peers. I’d recommend pushing yourself to take a class you weren’t originally interested in, as you might just find yourself with a new perspective you never imagined you’d learn! Some of the best speakers might primarily shoot landscape, while you shoot weddings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have nothing to learn from them. Sit in on a new speaker from a different specialty and leave your bias at the door!

Plan a workshop in your area

If you’ve mastered a skill or got your hands on a new product early and want to help others get up to speed, consider planning and hosting a workshop yourself! It doesn’t have to be the most lavish event of all time, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to attract a crowd. Opt to register and promote your event online to reduce advertising costs and quickly spread awareness. Be sure to utilize social media channels to spread the word in the right groups and demographic. Create a public Facebook event to reach people you may not know directly, and encourage them to invite friends. Also consider formalizing an agreement with vendors and talent involved in planning the event to cross-promote on their social channels and with their networks as well.

When the day of the event arrives, be sure to line up plenty of help. Planning and hosting an event doesn’t always come easy, and having a reliable assistant and staff can make all the difference. Ensure you have a schedule planned out to keep things running smoothly, and always leave some wiggle room just in case things don’t go exactly as planned!

Whether you want to host or simply attend, there is no time to stop educating yourself. And what better way to improve your skills than to get involved with fellow photographers? Let’s show everyone that you CAN teach an old dog a new trick. Happy learning!


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Focus on the Groom  

Sometimes during the wedding day photos Grooms get lost in the shuffle, but not at SkySight Photography.

We make sure that your Groom is in the spotlight, also.

Wood_0141Wood_0141 Mohamed_090Mohamed_090

pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (4)pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (4)


Meyer Susa_0177Meyer Susa_0177




Rotolo_0265Rotolo_0265 Cotton_0134Cotton_0134


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Best of 2017: Bride & Groom  

Best of 2017: Bride & Groom


2017 was an AMAZING year for weddings! We had the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples and on top of that... photograph some gorgeous locations!!


Bridal Portraits are one of my favorite parts about weddings days -- spending time with the couple alone is so fun and it provides a time where I can capture special moments between just them.


wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (75)wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (75) Meyer Susa_0677Meyer Susa_0677

MCCARTY_0564MCCARTY_0564 wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (48)wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (48)

Mohamed_200Mohamed_200 Getz Maker_0680Getz Maker_0680

Meyer Susa_0551Meyer Susa_0551 Wood_0647Wood_0647 Walker Jaggard_1276Walker Jaggard_1276

Getz Maker_0432Getz Maker_0432 wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (56)wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (56) Schwartz_Hilarides_0436Schwartz_Hilarides_0436 Getz Maker_0541Getz Maker_0541 DSC_2002DSC_2002


Whether it is capturing the Bride alone or the couple together, Bridal Portraits are truly an amazing part of the wedding day.


pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (60)pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (60) Marschik-Thomas_0190Marschik-Thomas_0190 Gismondi_Joyner_0117Gismondi_Joyner_0117 pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (27)pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (27)

Walker Jaggard_0220Walker Jaggard_0220 Schwartz_Hilarides_0183Schwartz_Hilarides_0183


Rotolo_0108Rotolo_0108 Pelow_172Pelow_172

Gismondi_Joyner_0173Gismondi_Joyner_0173 Walker Jaggard_0197Walker Jaggard_0197

Meyer Susa_0237Meyer Susa_0237



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Timeless Portraits Timeless Portrait Mini Sessions

Timeless Portrait Sessions are simple sessions with minimal props or furniture. 

They are a time to focus on the innate beauty of each of you.


Our Timeless Portrait Sessions are the perfect time to capture the still & tender moments that sometimes go unseen both in childhood and between a Mother and Child. These photographs are meant to capture expression, therefore we highly suggest that children under three years of age get their photos taken with their mother. Children three years and older are welcome to have their photos taken either alone or with siblings. Although we may capture a few smiles, this session is focused on the quiet moments that define the beauty within. Single shots alone are highly recommended for these sessions so we can focus on that individual, but you can choose among the options below for singles and/or parent with child portraits. DSC_4190-EditDSC_4190-Edit

We are offering special packages, available on the below mini session dates only. Rates are for a limited time, and based on availability (maximum number of sessions will be accepted each date).

You can check out more details below, or contact us, about the outfits we will be providing free of charge in the sessions.

Both parents are welcome to take part, but keep in mind the style of these sessions is focused on intimate one on one relationships, single child photos, or you with your child, not necessarily a full family portrait. However that could be arranged as well if you prefer this style for a full portrait of the whole family, but the session will likely take longer therefore not fit into a mini session slot. If you're still interested or unsure if your family is a good fit for this, just feel free to call and ask about it. Each family is different and can take more or less time than others based on the age of your child, etc. DSC_2865-Edit-EditDSC_2865-Edit-Edit




Option 1.

Parent/child (together only, no singles of child alone), 20 mins, 2 backdrops $300

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 print or digital credit included.

Option 2.

Single child only, 20 mins, 2 backdrops  $300

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 print or digital credit included.

Option 3.

Two children (Single portraits taken of each child), 30 mins, 2 backdrops  $350

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 print or digital credit included.

Option 4.

Three children (Single portraits taken of each child), 40 mins, 2 backdrops  $400

includes:  session time, clothing/styling, editing, online proof album, in person proof appointment post session, and $200 print or digital credit included.



- Poses of siblings together, additional 15 mins to any session above - $25
- Parent/child poses together, additional 20 mins to option 2, 3, or 4 above  - $50


Professional Hair & Makeup Artist: 

Optional, must schedule in advance & subject to availability.  +$150 additional to package


Mini Session Dates:   

Feb 17th

Feb 20th 

*A third date may be added if these dates sell out.


Examples of styles & backdrops for parent-child sessions...

DSC_4074-EditDSC_4074-Edit DSC_3069-EditDSC_3069-Edit

DSC_4252-Edit-2DSC_4252-Edit-2 DSC_4190-EditDSC_4190-Edit

Examples of styles & backdrops for single child sessions...

nolan_026nolan_026 radkowski_057radkowski_057

DSC_7964-Edit-Edit-2DSC_7964-Edit-Edit-2 DSC_3410-EditDSC_3410-Edit


It is your choice on the style that you would like me to photograph of you and/or your child. You can choose the clothing (styling provided), backdrop color/style, or leave it all up to me.




radkowski_077radkowski_077 DSC_2916DSC_2916 kane_0103kane_0103 DSC_9565-EditDSC_9565-Edit DSC_3069-Edit-3DSC_3069-Edit-3 DSC_3118-2DSC_3118-2 DSC_4113-EditDSC_4113-Edit DSC_7985DSC_7985 DSC_3171-EditDSC_3171-Edit kunselman_080kunselman_080 DSC_4293-EditDSC_4293-Edit SKY_7877-2SKY_7877-2 DSC_0632-2DSC_0632-2 DSC_3779-2DSC_3779-2 farneth_040farneth_040 DSC_4073-EditDSC_4073-Edit nolan_026nolan_026 DSC_8017-3DSC_8017-3 radkowski_060radkowski_060 DSC_7698-Edit-2DSC_7698-Edit-2 kane_0099kane_0099 DSC_7595-Edit-2DSC_7595-Edit-2 SKY_7521-2SKY_7521-2 DSC_3240-2DSC_3240-2



We can provide dresses for both mom and girls (inquire for sizes), as well hats, suspenders, bowties for boys. And you are more than welcome to style your own session with personal clothing as well. Be sure to inquire about what is available, sizes, etc so you can be prepared on if you'll need to bring anything extra. For mothers, be sure to plan for proper undergarments for a strapless dress, for example. 


DSC_0106DSC_0106 DSC_0118DSC_0118 DSC_0105DSC_0105 DSC_0133DSC_0133 DSC_0126DSC_0126

A changing area and vanity are available for your use.

And a hair & makeup artist is optional by request (in advance) for an additional fee.








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Some of my favorite wedding details of the last few years  

Weddings are full of a million tiny details that make a magical day. Special touches like fancy shoes, sparkling jewelry, or crystal champagne glasses are like the icing on the cake of an already amazing day (pun intended!) Here's a few of my favorite detail shots from this past wedding season, as well as a few from years prior that are still some of my greatest hits! | wedding photos Pittsburgh | wedding photos Pittsburgh PA pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (30)pre-ceremony_skysight_photography (30) Rose_Lidia_001Rose_Lidia_001

Wood_0006Wood_0006 Rose_Lidia_896Rose_Lidia_896 WeaverRancourt_0001WeaverRancourt_0001 Marschik-Thomas_0030Marschik-Thomas_0030 Meyer Susa_0001Meyer Susa_0001 MCCARTY_0003MCCARTY_0003 Walker Jaggard_0003Walker Jaggard_0003 Rose_Lidia_027Rose_Lidia_027 Mohamed_018Mohamed_018 Rotolo_0010Rotolo_0010 EzarikBaker_002EzarikBaker_002


wedding_ reception_skysight_photography (23)wedding_ reception_skysight_photography (23) Jackson_0001Jackson_0001 Rose_Lidia_448Rose_Lidia_448 Rose_Lidia_588Rose_Lidia_588

wedding_ reception_skysight_photography (17)wedding_ reception_skysight_photography (17) WWW.SKYSIGHTPHOTOGRAPHY.COMWWW.SKYSIGHTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Pugliese_0605Pugliese_0605 Pugliese_0609Pugliese_0609 ADAMS_0529ADAMS_0529 slonaker_0777slonaker_0777 wedding_ reception_skysight_photography (21)wedding_ reception_skysight_photography (21) Rose_Lidia_386Rose_Lidia_386 Rose_Lidia_390Rose_Lidia_390 Getz Maker_0760Getz Maker_0760

]]> (SkySight Photography) pennsylvania greensburg greensburg photographer pittsburgh skysight photography wedding photography Tue, 09 Jan 2018 13:15:00 GMT
Andrea and Robert's winter wedding at the Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh PA  

Andrea and Robert planned a December wedding at the Mansions on Fifth in Pittsburgh, PA and the day could not have gone smoother. The weather was brisk but absolutely beautiful with a glowing sunset, and the Mansion was decorated beautifully for the upcoming holiday season. Their suites were stocked with food and drinks as they got ready for the day just down the hall from one another.  And their guests packed the house to watch their intimate ceremony on the staircase.  Check out the story below of their amazing day at the Mansions on Fifth!  Smith_D'Alessandro_0001Smith_D'Alessandro_0001 Their florist, GreenSinner, suggested adding the sheer curtains to the gorgeous stained glass at the top of the stairway landing to add some softness to their ceremony space. 
Smith_D'Alessandro_0002Smith_D'Alessandro_0002 Smith_D'Alessandro_0022Smith_D'Alessandro_0022 Smith_D'Alessandro_0038Smith_D'Alessandro_0038 Smith_D'Alessandro_0117Smith_D'Alessandro_0117 Smith_D'Alessandro_0104Smith_D'Alessandro_0104 Smith_D'Alessandro_0107Smith_D'Alessandro_0107 Andrea was able to fit into her mother's wedding shoes, an adorable pair of ivory heels from her wedding decades ago. So her "something borrowed" was a perfect fit for the day's vintage inspired theme and venue. 
Smith_D'Alessandro_0093Smith_D'Alessandro_0093 Smith_D'Alessandro_0120Smith_D'Alessandro_0120 Smith_D'Alessandro_0129Smith_D'Alessandro_0129 Smith_D'Alessandro_0137Smith_D'Alessandro_0137 Smith_D'Alessandro_0145Smith_D'Alessandro_0145

A crowd of nieces and nephews filled the getting ready suites with lots of love, laughter and sillyness. 

Smith_D'Alessandro_0185Smith_D'Alessandro_0185 Smith_D'Alessandro_0242Smith_D'Alessandro_0242 Smith_D'Alessandro_0256Smith_D'Alessandro_0256 Smith_D'Alessandro_0229Smith_D'Alessandro_0229 Smith_D'Alessandro_0027Smith_D'Alessandro_0027 Smith_D'Alessandro_0257Smith_D'Alessandro_0257 To take advantage of the daylight, I suggested to Andrea and Robert that they do a first look before the ceremony since post-ceremony would be dark outside. They agreed it was a good idea, so once she was ready, Andrea met her groom waiting for her on the front steps of the Mansion. 
Smith_D'Alessandro_0268Smith_D'Alessandro_0268 Smith_D'Alessandro_0269Smith_D'Alessandro_0269 Smith_D'Alessandro_0272Smith_D'Alessandro_0272 Smith_D'Alessandro_0290Smith_D'Alessandro_0290 Smith_D'Alessandro_0305Smith_D'Alessandro_0305 Smith_D'Alessandro_0325Smith_D'Alessandro_0325 Smith_D'Alessandro_0346Smith_D'Alessandro_0346 Just down the street from the Mansion, is the beautiful Walled Garden at Mellon Park. Robert and Andrea followed us there in their car for a quick half hour of photos before we raced back to the Mansion for their ceremony to begin.  Smith_D'Alessandro_0354Smith_D'Alessandro_0354 Smith_D'Alessandro_0365Smith_D'Alessandro_0365 Smith_D'Alessandro_0369Smith_D'Alessandro_0369 Smith_D'Alessandro_0384Smith_D'Alessandro_0384 Smith_D'Alessandro_0382Smith_D'Alessandro_0382 Smith_D'Alessandro_0400Smith_D'Alessandro_0400 Smith_D'Alessandro_0405Smith_D'Alessandro_0405 Smith_D'Alessandro_0407Smith_D'Alessandro_0407 Smith_D'Alessandro_0420Smith_D'Alessandro_0420 Smith_D'Alessandro_0432Smith_D'Alessandro_0432 Smith_D'Alessandro_0468Smith_D'Alessandro_0468 Smith_D'Alessandro_0514Smith_D'Alessandro_0514 Smith_D'Alessandro_0561Smith_D'Alessandro_0561 Smith_D'Alessandro_0590Smith_D'Alessandro_0590

Their ceremony was sweet and personal, and took place right on the stairway.  Smith_D'Alessandro_0602Smith_D'Alessandro_0602 Smith_D'Alessandro_0614Smith_D'Alessandro_0614 Smith_D'Alessandro_0629Smith_D'Alessandro_0629 Smith_D'Alessandro_0642Smith_D'Alessandro_0642 Smith_D'Alessandro_0645Smith_D'Alessandro_0645 Smith_D'Alessandro_0673Smith_D'Alessandro_0673 Smith_D'Alessandro_0707Smith_D'Alessandro_0707 Smith_D'Alessandro_0722Smith_D'Alessandro_0722 Cocktail hour, dinner and dancing were scattered among the main floor rooms of the Mansion, where beautifully decorated tables were scattered for guests to enjoy amazing food and drinks while warming by the fireplaces. Smith_D'Alessandro_0762Smith_D'Alessandro_0762 Smith_D'Alessandro_0767Smith_D'Alessandro_0767 Smith_D'Alessandro_0783Smith_D'Alessandro_0783 Smith_D'Alessandro_0799Smith_D'Alessandro_0799 Smith_D'Alessandro_0808Smith_D'Alessandro_0808 Smith_D'Alessandro_0819Smith_D'Alessandro_0819 Smith_D'Alessandro_0822Smith_D'Alessandro_0822 Smith_D'Alessandro_0829Smith_D'Alessandro_0829 Smith_D'Alessandro_0852Smith_D'Alessandro_0852 Smith_D'Alessandro_0872Smith_D'Alessandro_0872 Dj Sosa got the dance floor packed immediately and it didn't slow down all night!  Smith_D'Alessandro_0889Smith_D'Alessandro_0889 Smith_D'Alessandro_0892Smith_D'Alessandro_0892 Smith_D'Alessandro_0912Smith_D'Alessandro_0912 Smith_D'Alessandro_0914Smith_D'Alessandro_0914 Smith_D'Alessandro_0934Smith_D'Alessandro_0934 Smith_D'Alessandro_0939Smith_D'Alessandro_0939 Smith_D'Alessandro_0956Smith_D'Alessandro_0956 Smith_D'Alessandro_0961Smith_D'Alessandro_0961 Smith_D'Alessandro_1008Smith_D'Alessandro_1008 Smith_D'Alessandro_1012Smith_D'Alessandro_1012 Smith_D'Alessandro_1019Smith_D'Alessandro_1019 Smith_D'Alessandro_1041Smith_D'Alessandro_1041 These two were simply an absolutely joy to photograph on their very special wedding day. Their smiles and happiness were radiating from their faces all day long, an infectious feeling that spread among every guest in the venue.  Our very best wishes to the happy couple for an amazing marriage in your future! 

All our best, Autumn and Bill 

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Maternity and newborn favorites of 2017 In 2017 I photographed a LOT of babies and bellies!! Here is just a few of them... I wish I could post them all. Wow... What a year its been! Thanks to all of my clients to helped to make this year seriously amazing!

Happy new year! & welcome to this world to all the new babies!

SKY_8723-Edit-2SKY_8723-Edit-2 ella delellis newborn _0043ella delellis newborn _0043 stanton_165stanton_165 ella delellis newborn _0046ella delellis newborn _0046 stanton_134stanton_134 hicks_036hicks_036 johnson_035johnson_035 mcdonald_101mcdonald_101 stanton_156stanton_156 pityk_046epityk_046e andrews_105andrews_105 SKY_8524-EditSKY_8524-Edit IsaacLewis_0032IsaacLewis_0032 mcdonald_067mcdonald_067 Manilla_0036 - CopyManilla_0036 - Copy DSC_0470DSC_0470 Norkin_0034Norkin_0034 DSC_0548 (1)DSC_0548 (1) Lukacs_newborn_107Lukacs_newborn_107 pityk_033pityk_033 J_Lukacs_119 - CopyJ_Lukacs_119 - Copy komlos_014komlos_014 McBroom_069McBroom_069 stanton_059stanton_059 IsaacLewis_0003IsaacLewis_0003 SKY_8219-EditSKY_8219-Edit amorose_022amorose_022 J_Lukacs_131J_Lukacs_131 etherington_046etherington_046 moran_159 - Copymoran_159 - Copy IsaacLewis_0080IsaacLewis_0080 logesky_082logesky_082 moran_0038moran_0038 Cherie Brent_235Cherie Brent_235 Manilla_0054Manilla_0054 Cherie Brent_104Cherie Brent_104 komlos_075komlos_075 DSC_0742DSC_0742 Lukacs_newborn_022Lukacs_newborn_022 SKY_8887SKY_8887 IsaacLewis_0049IsaacLewis_0049 SKY_8447bSKY_8447b andrews_008andrews_008 stanton_162stanton_162 alexisallen_063alexisallen_063 stanton_065stanton_065 IsaacLewis_0154IsaacLewis_0154 logesky_068logesky_068 hicks_127hicks_127 moran_050 - Copymoran_050 - Copy SKY_8700SKY_8700 J_Lukacs_114J_Lukacs_114 simon arias newborn 0006simon arias newborn 0006 J_Lukacs_041J_Lukacs_041


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Happy Holidays from all of us at SkySight!  

Happy Holidays from SkySight Photography! 




This season has been FILLED with amazing clients & smiling faces.

Santa visited the studio!



andrews_05andrews_05 andrews_04andrews_04



Here's a glimpse into our Christmas Mini Sessions.




stewart_012stewart_012 stewart_042stewart_042


Moran_Xmas_0038Moran_Xmas_0038 Moran_Xmas_0012Moran_Xmas_0012




kunselman_018kunselman_018 kunselman_070kunselman_070

kunselman_030kunselman_030 kunselman_046kunselman_046

miller_046miller_046 miller_052miller_052

miller_040miller_040 miller_062miller_062 miller_028miller_028

manilla_070manilla_070 manilla_009manilla_009


Thank you all for a great year!


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Kimberly and Kelsey's intimate wedding at Eddie Merlot's in downtown Pittsburgh Kim and Kelsey had a beautifully intimate wedding in downtown Pittsburgh with their closest family this fall. Eddie Merlot's was the perfect venue for their wedding, a restaurant located just paces from the Wyndham Grand and Point State Park with a great private room.  Their cool personal style was integrated into their day, with Kim's gorgeous choice for a sage green wedding dress and Kelsey's awesome three piece navy and brown suit. They paired the colors of their flowers to match flawlessly with the sage and navy color scheme. Their wedding took place in late fall, with an early sunset time, so they opted to do a first look so we could have ample time to photograph in the daylight before their evening ceremony took place.  Inside the Wyndham, in separate hotel rooms, they dressed with just their immediate family members by their side.  Outside the hotel, in the historic Point State Park, they met to see each other for the first time.  We walked the park for photographs in the beautiful fall foliage and ended our walk just before their ceremony began in front of the fireplace at Eddie Merlot's.  Kim and Kelsey were beaming with smiles and love for each other that day, and although I had met Kim previously when I shot her sister's wedding last year, I hadn't ever met Kelsey or seen them together as a couple until this day.  I have to say what a joy it was to spend this time with them on one of the biggest days of their lives, and how much they felt like great friends I had known for a very long time by the end of the wedding day.  Congratulations to this very happy couple! 

Mohamed_003Mohamed_003 Mohamed_012Mohamed_012 Mohamed_017Mohamed_017 Mohamed_018Mohamed_018 Mohamed_022Mohamed_022 Mohamed_040Mohamed_040 Mohamed_045Mohamed_045 Mohamed_067Mohamed_067 Mohamed_078Mohamed_078 Mohamed_081Mohamed_081 Mohamed_090Mohamed_090 Mohamed_097Mohamed_097 Mohamed_109Mohamed_109 Mohamed_112Mohamed_112 Mohamed_113Mohamed_113 Mohamed_114Mohamed_114 Mohamed_115Mohamed_115 Mohamed_117Mohamed_117 Mohamed_118Mohamed_118 Mohamed_148Mohamed_148 Mohamed_144Mohamed_144 Mohamed_157Mohamed_157 Mohamed_160Mohamed_160 Mohamed_265Mohamed_265 Mohamed_163Mohamed_163 Mohamed_204Mohamed_204 Mohamed_202Mohamed_202 Mohamed_170Mohamed_170 Mohamed_200Mohamed_200 Mohamed_217Mohamed_217 Mohamed_219Mohamed_219 Mohamed_237Mohamed_237 Mohamed_186Mohamed_186 Mohamed_180Mohamed_180 Mohamed_247Mohamed_247 Mohamed_270Mohamed_270 Mohamed_283Mohamed_283 Mohamed_288Mohamed_288 Mohamed_290Mohamed_290 Mohamed_298Mohamed_298 Mohamed_197Mohamed_197 Mohamed_303Mohamed_303 Mohamed_253Mohamed_253 Mohamed_317Mohamed_317 Mohamed_327Mohamed_327 Mohamed_334Mohamed_334 Mohamed_335Mohamed_335 Mohamed_341Mohamed_341 Mohamed_346Mohamed_346 Mohamed_347Mohamed_347 Mohamed_352Mohamed_352 Mohamed_357Mohamed_357 Mohamed_367Mohamed_367 Mohamed_401Mohamed_401 Mohamed_413Mohamed_413 Mohamed_418Mohamed_418 Mohamed_423Mohamed_423 Mohamed_431Mohamed_431 Mohamed_453Mohamed_453 Mohamed_472Mohamed_472 Mohamed_477Mohamed_477 Mohamed_490Mohamed_490 Mohamed_495Mohamed_495 Mohamed_498Mohamed_498 Mohamed_502Mohamed_502 Mohamed_503Mohamed_503 Mohamed_509Mohamed_509 Mohamed_512Mohamed_512 Mohamed_551Mohamed_551 Mohamed_562Mohamed_562

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Kristen and Michael's October wedding at Noah's of Cranberry  


Kristen Leake and Michael Wood

October 2017 Noah's Event Venue


Kristen and Michael had an amazingly perfect October day for their wedding. The temps were perfect, the sun peeked in and out of some clouds, and there was not a drop of rain.  The leaves had just started to peak in color all around the western Pennsylvania countryside. In Cranberry twp, at Noah's Event Venue, they were busy at work setting up the ceremony space for these two to say I DO just after 3pm in the afternoon while Kristen and her bridesmaids were busy with hair, makeup, and dress details... and taking a celebratory shot and toast of mimosa's on the bed. Michael and his groomsmen were getting suited up with ties and boutonnieres at the same time, and also, taking a celebratory shot together!  Guests arrived and anxiously awaited the bridal entrance. A beautiful ceremony took place and the vows were exchanged. The new Mr and Mrs Wood rushed off for some photos in the fall leaves and nearby locations then returned for the party of their lives. Cake, toasting, singing by her grandfather, the limbo, and lots of dancing took place. They packed in every second of that night, they will certainly never ever forget.

Congratulations Kristen and Mike on a beautiful wedding, and cheers to an even more beautiful marriage. 

Wood_0005Wood_0005 Wood_0006Wood_0006 Wood_0082Wood_0082 Wood_0092Wood_0092 Wood_0127Wood_0127 Wood_0133Wood_0133 Wood_0142Wood_0142 Wood_0199Wood_0199

Wood_0219Wood_0219 Wood_0248Wood_0248 Wood_0250Wood_0250 Wood_0319Wood_0319 Wood_0352Wood_0352 Wood_0353Wood_0353 Wood_0380Wood_0380 Wood_0384Wood_0384 Wood_0437Wood_0437 Wood_0453Wood_0453 Wood_0454Wood_0454 Wood_0558Wood_0558 Wood_0561Wood_0561 Wood_0573Wood_0573 Wood_0581Wood_0581 Wood_0587Wood_0587 Wood_0606Wood_0606 Wood_0647Wood_0647 Wood_0649Wood_0649 Wood_0708Wood_0708 Wood_0712Wood_0712 Wood_0718Wood_0718 Wood_0779Wood_0779 Wood_0839Wood_0839 Wood_0862Wood_0862 Wood_0864Wood_0864 Wood_0866Wood_0866 Wood_0880Wood_0880 Wood_0886Wood_0886 Wood_0889Wood_0889 Wood_0901Wood_0901 Wood_0907Wood_0907 Wood_0909Wood_0909 Wood_0923Wood_0923 Wood_0927Wood_0927 Wood_0947Wood_0947 Wood_0950Wood_0950 Wood_1018Wood_1018 Wood_1019Wood_1019 Wood_1049Wood_1049 Wood_1119Wood_1119 Wood_1140Wood_1140 Wood_1144Wood_1144 Wood_1147Wood_1147 Wood_1151Wood_1151 Wood_1153Wood_1153 Wood_1160Wood_1160 Wood_1161Wood_1161 Wood_1162Wood_1162 Wood_1173Wood_1173 Wood_1175Wood_1175 Wood_1177Wood_1177


For a list of some of their vendors, check out these links below! 

Noah's of Cranberry -

Posies by Patti -

Bridal Beginning -

Mariana Filmworks -

Dj Underdog -



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1. Call to schedule BEFORE the baby arrives. Most newborn photographers like myself will work around a due date as our estimate for when the baby will arrive, and will schedule you for 1-2 weeks after that appointment. In my studio, we give all newborn sessions first priority when needing to reschedule, because babies are born early or late ALL the time, so we'll be sure to move up/back your appointment a few days, as needed.

2. As soon as the baby arrives and you're settled, shoot an email or text to your photographer to confirm the baby's birth date. This is so we can begin to plan your session accordingly for date, time (adjusted if needed).

3. It is very important to have your session completed in the first two weeks of baby's life, so that they have not lost their "fetal tuck", and do not wake up when we move them around over and over into multiple poses for the photo shoot.  In their first week their days and nights are often mixed up and will sleep heavily through the day, allowing us to do just about anything to pose them in comfortable positions even if they have no clothes on. After two weeks they tend to want to stretch out straight, wake up easier, and not a fan of being naked.

4. I use a safe small heater to keep them warm so it helps to keep them asleep throughout their session. but it can also help to give them a bath the morning of their session, which wakes them up for the hour or two prior to coming in. So when they arrive at the studio, they are ready for a hard long nap. 


5. Dress them in an easy to remove outfit, that zips up the front for example, so that undressing them upon arrival is not difficult and can be done without the baby waking up.

6. Most important is a good, full feeding prior to the session. If my client lives less than 45 mins from our studio I suggest that they feed at home as the last thing they do before leaving the house. After feeding and a good burp, go straight to the car and head over to the studio. The full belly plus car ride usually does the trick and we can jump right into the session. 


7. At my studio, I provide everything needed for your session as far as hats, props, etc. And I actually suggest using what I have since I know it will certain fit a newborn size.  Often when I see clients bring homemade hats, or store bought 0-3 month outfits, the babies are swimming in them.  A true newborn size is much smaller than most people realize. If you do have your own props, try them on at home before your session.

8. It is very important to choose a photographer that works specifically with newborns and experienced at this type of session.  It is a very specific skill to learn and know how to pose newborns, keep them safe and comfortable, and photograph them properly. 


9. If you want to incorporate siblings, we always welcome that! Just let us know in advance and factor in a little extra time to make it work.

10. Be prepared to be in some of the photos, especially your hands. Manicure, shave, whatever you personally need to do - make sure to do, and this goes for both mom and dad! You don't have to get a full makeover or a recent hair dye at the salon, but we'll definitely want to include some nice close ups of you holding your new baby, perhaps even just a close up of your baby's hand wrapped around your finger. Clothing is not important, it can be simple, basic and neutral. 


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Kristin and Josh Susa wedding - Point State Park and Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Kristin and Josh tied the knot at the historic Block House in Point State Park with an awesome reception in the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh!

Meyer Susa_1143Meyer Susa_1143 Meyer Susa_0001Meyer Susa_0001 Meyer Susa_0032Meyer Susa_0032 Meyer Susa_0034Meyer Susa_0034 Meyer Susa_0047Meyer Susa_0047 Meyer Susa_0069Meyer Susa_0069 Meyer Susa_0083Meyer Susa_0083 Meyer Susa_0117Meyer Susa_0117 Meyer Susa_0156Meyer Susa_0156 Meyer Susa_0176Meyer Susa_0176 Meyer Susa_0175Meyer Susa_0175 Meyer Susa_0187Meyer Susa_0187 Meyer Susa_0196Meyer Susa_0196 Meyer Susa_0204Meyer Susa_0204 Meyer Susa_0210Meyer Susa_0210 Meyer Susa_0238Meyer Susa_0238 Meyer Susa_0256Meyer Susa_0256 Meyer Susa_0257Meyer Susa_0257 Meyer Susa_0269Meyer Susa_0269 Meyer Susa_0297Meyer Susa_0297 Meyer Susa_0335Meyer Susa_0335 Meyer Susa_0382Meyer Susa_0382 Meyer Susa_0393Meyer Susa_0393 Meyer Susa_0379Meyer Susa_0379 Meyer Susa_0397Meyer Susa_0397 Meyer Susa_0400Meyer Susa_0400 Meyer Susa_0404Meyer Susa_0404 Meyer Susa_0406Meyer Susa_0406 Meyer Susa_0407Meyer Susa_0407 Meyer Susa_0431Meyer Susa_0431 Meyer Susa_0443Meyer Susa_0443 Meyer Susa_0450Meyer Susa_0450 Meyer Susa_0462Meyer Susa_0462 Meyer Susa_0510Meyer Susa_0510 Meyer Susa_0513Meyer Susa_0513 Meyer Susa_0523Meyer Susa_0523 Meyer Susa_0531Meyer Susa_0531 Meyer Susa_0528Meyer Susa_0528 Meyer Susa_0591Meyer Susa_0591 Meyer Susa_0599Meyer Susa_0599 Meyer Susa_0601Meyer Susa_0601 Meyer Susa_0606Meyer Susa_0606 Meyer Susa_0624Meyer Susa_0624 Meyer Susa_0682Meyer Susa_0682 Meyer Susa_0684Meyer Susa_0684 Meyer Susa_0694Meyer Susa_0694 Meyer Susa_0718Meyer Susa_0718 Meyer Susa_0725Meyer Susa_0725 Meyer Susa_0738Meyer Susa_0738 Meyer Susa_0746Meyer Susa_0746 Meyer Susa_0740Meyer Susa_0740 Meyer Susa_0763Meyer Susa_0763 Meyer Susa_0771Meyer Susa_0771 Meyer Susa_0774Meyer Susa_0774 Meyer Susa_0778Meyer Susa_0778 Meyer Susa_0781Meyer Susa_0781 Meyer Susa_0792Meyer Susa_0792 Meyer Susa_0772Meyer Susa_0772 Meyer Susa_0798Meyer Susa_0798 Meyer Susa_0845Meyer Susa_0845 Meyer Susa_0843Meyer Susa_0843 Meyer Susa_0863Meyer Susa_0863 Meyer Susa_0874Meyer Susa_0874 Meyer Susa_0905Meyer Susa_0905 Meyer Susa_0895Meyer Susa_0895 Meyer Susa_0911Meyer Susa_0911 Meyer Susa_0876Meyer Susa_0876 Meyer Susa_0948Meyer Susa_0948 Meyer Susa_0981Meyer Susa_0981 Meyer Susa_0962Meyer Susa_0962 Meyer Susa_0986Meyer Susa_0986 Meyer Susa_1067Meyer Susa_1067 Meyer Susa_1115Meyer Susa_1115 Meyer Susa_1122Meyer Susa_1122 Meyer Susa_1127Meyer Susa_1127 Meyer Susa_1144Meyer Susa_1144 Meyer Susa_1151Meyer Susa_1151 Meyer Susa_1155Meyer Susa_1155

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Holiday portrait session specials 2017 The Holidays at SkySight Studio






Schedule a holiday mini session now! Our special for 2017 is a half session at a discounted price, which is just like it sounds...  A 30 minute session, as opposed to a regular full one hour session, 1-2 outfits and only on the select dates listed below while availability lasts. So be among the first to schedule to be sure you get an open slot! I've opened up MORE DATES THAN EVER this year, an entire week of available sessions! 


Holiday Session Special 


($200 off the regular price)

* Approximate 30 minute session *

* Copyright release to make your own cards/prints*

* All digitals from your session included *

* Digital download and online album *



Sessions are available

multiple times

on multiple days

throughout the month of November,

dates are booking fast....inquire for slots still open!



Here are some photos of this year's sets...


DSC_3165DSC_3165 DSC_3245DSC_3245









Green is a color that is not in skin tone, therefore we can easily "pick" the green out of a photo and change it to whatever color we want, just like "green screen" used in movies. Therefore, if you have an outfit that would look great on our new velvet green couch, but its not the right color, we can adjust to match! Here are a few variations available that we can change it too very easily! 

DSC_3179DSC_3179 DSC_3179BdDSC_3179Bd DSC_3179BcDSC_3179Bc DSC_3179BeDSC_3179Be




Need some holiday inspiration?

Check out some of our PAST CHRISTMAS SETS 

from the last five years below!








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2017 Fall Sessions  

2017 Fall Exclusive Sessions

Pittsburgh & Greensburg Locations this year!!!

For the 4th year in a row, I've decided to bring back the fall exclusive sessions and add some exciting new features this year. I'll be doing my furniture outdoor in the leaves as usual at Bushy Run Battlefield in Jeannette/Greensburg area, AND a bonus Pittsburgh location at the Walled Garden at Mellon Park in the Shadyside area. As always, only a small number of appointments will be scheduled and after they fill up, we'll only have a waiting list in the case of a cancellation. So be sure to call and schedule early!



    • We will have TWO dates AND locations for fall sessions this year!  Bushy Run (near Greensburg) and Mellon Park (Pittsburgh)
    • If you can not get a session on these two dates, please inquire about booking a full session on another available date in late October. We will not have the same full set described below, but still provide some furniture pieces for private sessions. 
    • Session times will be in the afternoon. As much as I would love to have sessions available in the evening to accommodate work/school schedules, the sun setting early does not allow for that so we must work around the earth's rotation! (great excuse to take a half day from work!)
    • Please arrive to your session on time & dressed in your outfit for the session (sorry no time for outfit changes) 
    • We will do our best to reschedule in the case of bad weather, by utilizing our rain dates if needed. So although I know this makes it hard to plan for, just keep in mind we'll do everything possible to make sure your session still happens before the leaves all fall but there is no guarantee if we are rained out for several days in a row. 
    • These will not be the length of a typical one hour session, but we will still be able to get a lot of fantastic images in this session. I prefer not to host "mini sessions" (a current common trend in the industry, which are a quick 15 minute session with one backdrop typically and less than 10 proofs). I want to allow for all the time needed to capture special images of your family, especially when we need that extra time for small children. However it needs to be shorter than a full regular session so that I can fit in several families per day since the time frame for leaves changing is so short. You will likely have anywhere from 25-30 proofs from this session, but of course that is subject to how the session goes with your family and could be more or less. 


    • BUSHY RUN - TUESDAY, OCT 17th (rain date Wednesday OCT 18th or 20th on if absolutely necessary, depending on forecast that week):  This year we will be doing another settee very similar to the photos you see in this blog but a little more modern and lighter in color. We feel any fall attire works well with this color scheme. I will also photograph many "simple" images without the furniture as well.  Our color scheme I am planning for the furniture is a tan (almost cream!) settee and a red chair! so feel free to play up the holiday theme if you want to, or we can skip the red chair in your session and keep to the neutrals! These sessions will take place within a small area so we will do as usual, and schedule these sessions 30 mins apart. You'll get a full session of individuals, siblings, and family shots all packed into this time frame.  

  kelly_harbadin_014ekelly_harbadin_014e kelly_harbadin_031kelly_harbadin_031


  • WALLED GARDEN IN MELLON PARK - FRIDAY, OCT 27th (rain date 28th or 29th depending on forecast that week):  This park is located  adjacent to Shadyside near The Center for the Arts building and Bakery Square and is amazing all on its own without needing to add any furniture or props. So we'll be doing the sessions here with the amazing scenery that park has to offer us.  There are iron gates, amazing steps and stone work, old fountains, lots of trees for color and more.  

DSC_4234 copyDSC_4234 copy DSC_4239DSC_4239 Felbaum _059Felbaum _059 arias_maternity2017_025arias_maternity2017_025 Felbaum _038Felbaum _038


    • ​I am excited to offer a few options for packages this year at these special rates for these dates only! 
      • Basic package $475 - includes session fee &  20 high resolution digital files and a copyright release to print
      • Deluxe package $650 - includes all above as well as a beautiful 4x6 saddle brown album with 20 pages
      • Additional digital files, prints or products can be purchased a la carte in addition 
    • Please call to reserve your time slot (724.889.3326) or email ( 
    • ​​​You can pay in full at the time of your session, cash is preferred and very much appreciated for these quick paced outdoor sessions, since credit cards must be run on my processor at the studio (dont have a mobile reader) but if you must use a credit card please contact me in advance about payment and I will arrange a way to accept it. 
    • Due to the fast paced nature of this type of day, we can only do one family per time slot. Cousins can be photographed together, however each family will be responsible for their own session fee if children are also photographed alone (ie: two time slots may be required, inquire if this is questionable). If you want to do an extended family photo with several families in one large group as well as individual family shots, you also may be required to book two time slots. Inquire for details. 
    • If both dates are bad weather we will do our best to reschedule you during the fall leaves timeframe. However, the leaves change quickly so the window of time is short, and we sadly can't control the weather (I'm still working on that invention!) 
    • A $100 cancellation fee will be applied if you cancel your time slot less than 3 days before your session. 
    • Here is my pinterest page for suggestions on clothing!  ​















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Urban photo shoot in Greensburg PA Downtown Greensburg is just minutes from our studio and is a great place for family, children, and senior portraits. Its a great alternative to the classic park or nature type setting if you want to try something new for your family photos this year! 


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Katie and Matt wedding - First Presbyterian Church in Greensburg and DiSalvo's Station in Latrobe Katherine and Matthew (Katie and Matt!) were such a joy to photograph on their wedding day. They were both so excited to see each other as she walked down the aisle, say their vows to be married, enjoy the company of friends and family, and party the night away.  I first met Katie year's ago when I shot her and her twin sister's double-senior session when they were graduating high school.  Shortly thereafter, Katie got a job at the Greensburg pool, and met Matthew there.  The rest is history! You'll even see below, a quick 10 minute stop we made at the pool after their wedding ceremony at First Presbyterian so they can get a shot on the lifeguard stand where Katie spent those early days of their relationship! After that we made our way to the beautiful Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, to photograph their bridal party and portraits.  Then by 5pm we were off to the wedding reception at DiSalvo's Station in Latrobe, a truly unique historic train station. Their venue was a great backdrop for what was an amazing vintage inspired event. We even got lucky with a train zipping by as we photographed them on the platform! Take a look below for a summary of their beautiful wedding day!

My favorite details of the day:  The back of Katie's dress and her blue engagement ring! 

My favorite photographic moment of the day: There is a tie! First, when they exited the church and everyone threw (earth and animal friendly) "rice"! I LOVE LOVE those shots!  Then when the train flew by and her veil danced in the air for several minutes while Matt dipped her, it was a romance movie moment!! 

Congrats Mr & Mrs Thomas! 

Marschik-Thomas_0002Marschik-Thomas_0002 Marschik-Thomas_0003Marschik-Thomas_0003 Marschik-Thomas_0005Marschik-Thomas_0005 Marschik-Thomas_0011Marschik-Thomas_0011 Marschik-Thomas_0014Marschik-Thomas_0014 Marschik-Thomas_0020Marschik-Thomas_0020 Marschik-Thomas_0027Marschik-Thomas_0027 Marschik-Thomas_0043Marschik-Thomas_0043 Marschik-Thomas_0054Marschik-Thomas_0054 Marschik-Thomas_0057Marschik-Thomas_0057 Marschik-Thomas_0060Marschik-Thomas_0060 Marschik-Thomas_0072Marschik-Thomas_0072 Marschik-Thomas_0092Marschik-Thomas_0092 Marschik-Thomas_0110Marschik-Thomas_0110 Marschik-Thomas_0134Marschik-Thomas_0134 Marschik-Thomas_0201Marschik-Thomas_0201 Marschik-Thomas_0140Marschik-Thomas_0140 Marschik-Thomas_0187Marschik-Thomas_0187 Marschik-Thomas_0189Marschik-Thomas_0189 Marschik-Thomas_0198Marschik-Thomas_0198 Marschik-Thomas_0221Marschik-Thomas_0221 Marschik-Thomas_0249Marschik-Thomas_0249 Marschik-Thomas_0275Marschik-Thomas_0275 Marschik-Thomas_0305Marschik-Thomas_0305 Marschik-Thomas_0310Marschik-Thomas_0310 Marschik-Thomas_0313Marschik-Thomas_0313 Marschik-Thomas_0318Marschik-Thomas_0318 Marschik-Thomas_0324Marschik-Thomas_0324 Marschik-Thomas_0354Marschik-Thomas_0354 Marschik-Thomas_0366Marschik-Thomas_0366 Marschik-Thomas_0370Marschik-Thomas_0370 Marschik-Thomas_0381Marschik-Thomas_0381 Marschik-Thomas_0389Marschik-Thomas_0389 Marschik-Thomas_0444Marschik-Thomas_0444 Marschik-Thomas_0460Marschik-Thomas_0460 Marschik-Thomas_0461Marschik-Thomas_0461 Marschik-Thomas_0463Marschik-Thomas_0463
Marschik-Thomas_0466Marschik-Thomas_0466 Marschik-Thomas_0497Marschik-Thomas_0497 Marschik-Thomas_0506Marschik-Thomas_0506 Marschik-Thomas_0516Marschik-Thomas_0516 Marschik-Thomas_0532Marschik-Thomas_0532 Marschik-Thomas_0534Marschik-Thomas_0534 Marschik-Thomas_0535Marschik-Thomas_0535 Marschik-Thomas_0553Marschik-Thomas_0553 Marschik-Thomas_0561Marschik-Thomas_0561 Marschik-Thomas_0579Marschik-Thomas_0579 Marschik-Thomas_0589Marschik-Thomas_0589 Marschik-Thomas_0590Marschik-Thomas_0590 Marschik-Thomas_0613Marschik-Thomas_0613 Marschik-Thomas_0618Marschik-Thomas_0618 Marschik-Thomas_0653Marschik-Thomas_0653 Marschik-Thomas_0654Marschik-Thomas_0654 Marschik-Thomas_0669Marschik-Thomas_0669
Marschik-Thomas_0693Marschik-Thomas_0693 Marschik-Thomas_0702Marschik-Thomas_0702 Marschik-Thomas_0713Marschik-Thomas_0713 Marschik-Thomas_0719Marschik-Thomas_0719 Marschik-Thomas_0734Marschik-Thomas_0734 Marschik-Thomas_0742Marschik-Thomas_0742 Marschik-Thomas_0744Marschik-Thomas_0744 Marschik-Thomas_0769Marschik-Thomas_0769 Marschik-Thomas_0784Marschik-Thomas_0784

Marschik-Thomas_0810Marschik-Thomas_0810 Marschik-Thomas_0791Marschik-Thomas_0791 Marschik-Thomas_0815Marschik-Thomas_0815 Marschik-Thomas_0796Marschik-Thomas_0796


Marschik-Thomas_0832Marschik-Thomas_0832 Marschik-Thomas_0817Marschik-Thomas_0817
Marschik-Thomas_0845Marschik-Thomas_0845 Marschik-Thomas_0856Marschik-Thomas_0856 Marschik-Thomas_0862Marschik-Thomas_0862 Marschik-Thomas_0865Marschik-Thomas_0865 Marschik-Thomas_0910Marschik-Thomas_0910 Marschik-Thomas_0922Marschik-Thomas_0922 Marschik-Thomas_0940Marschik-Thomas_0940 Marschik-Thomas_0980Marschik-Thomas_0980 Marschik-Thomas_0996Marschik-Thomas_0996 Marschik-Thomas_1004Marschik-Thomas_1004 Marschik-Thomas_1021Marschik-Thomas_1021 Marschik-Thomas_1024Marschik-Thomas_1024
Marschik-Thomas_1035Marschik-Thomas_1035 Marschik-Thomas_1038Marschik-Thomas_1038 Marschik-Thomas_1040Marschik-Thomas_1040 Marschik-Thomas_1144Marschik-Thomas_1144

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