SkySight Photography: Blog en-us (C) SkySight Photography (SkySight Photography) Sun, 05 Nov 2017 01:26:00 GMT Sun, 05 Nov 2017 01:26:00 GMT SkySight Photography: Blog 96 120 10 TIPS FOR A *VERY* SUCCESSFUL NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION  



1. Call to schedule BEFORE the baby arrives. Most newborn photographers like myself will work around a due date as our estimate for when the baby will arrive, and will schedule you for 1-2 weeks after that appointment. In my studio, we give all newborn sessions first priority when needing to reschedule, because babies are born early or late ALL the time, so we'll be sure to move up/back your appointment a few days, as needed.

2. As soon as the baby arrives and you're settled, shoot an email or text to your photographer to confirm the baby's birth date. This is so we can begin to plan your session accordingly for date, time (adjusted if needed).

3. It is very important to have your session completed in the first two weeks of baby's life, so that they have not lost their "fetal tuck", and do not wake up when we move them around over and over into multiple poses for the photo shoot.  In their first week their days and nights are often mixed up and will sleep heavily through the day, allowing us to do just about anything to pose them in comfortable positions even if they have no clothes on. After two weeks they tend to want to stretch out straight, wake up easier, and not a fan of being naked.

4. I use a safe small heater to keep them warm so it helps to keep them asleep throughout their session. but it can also help to give them a bath the morning of their session, which wakes them up for the hour or two prior to coming in. So when they arrive at the studio, they are ready for a hard long nap. 


5. Dress them in an easy to remove outfit, that zips up the front for example, so that undressing them upon arrival is not difficult and can be done without the baby waking up.


6. Most important is a good, full feeding prior to the session. If my client lives less than 45 mins from our studio I suggest that they feed at home as the last thing they do before leaving the house. After feeding and a good burp, go straight to the car and head over to the studio. The full belly plus car ride usually does the trick and we can jump right into the session. 


7. At my studio, I provide everything needed for your session as far as hats, props, etc. And I actually suggest using what I have since I know it will certain fit a newborn size.  Often when I see clients bring homemade hats, or store bought 0-3 month outfits, the babies are swimming in them.  A true newborn size is much smaller than most people realize. If you do have your own props, try them on at home before your session.

8. It is very important to choose a photographer that works specifically with newborns and experienced at this type of session.  It is a very specific skill to learn and know how to pose newborns, keep them safe and comfortable, and photograph them properly. 


9. If you want to incorporate siblings, we always welcome that! Just let us know in advance and factor in a little extra time to make it work.

10. Be prepared to be in some of the photos, especially your hands. Manicure, shave, whatever you personally need to do - make sure to do, and this goes for both mom and dad! You don't have to get a full makeover or a recent hair dye at the salon, but we'll definitely want to include some nice close ups of you holding your new baby, perhaps even just a close up of your baby's hand wrapped around your finger. Clothing is not important, it can be simple, basic and neutral. 


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Kristin and Josh Susa wedding - Point State Park and Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Kristin and Josh tied the knot at the historic Block House in Point State Park with an awesome reception in the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh!

Meyer Susa_1143Meyer Susa_1143 Meyer Susa_0001Meyer Susa_0001 Meyer Susa_0032Meyer Susa_0032 Meyer Susa_0034Meyer Susa_0034 Meyer Susa_0047Meyer Susa_0047 Meyer Susa_0069Meyer Susa_0069 Meyer Susa_0083Meyer Susa_0083 Meyer Susa_0117Meyer Susa_0117 Meyer Susa_0156Meyer Susa_0156 Meyer Susa_0176Meyer Susa_0176 Meyer Susa_0175Meyer Susa_0175 Meyer Susa_0187Meyer Susa_0187 Meyer Susa_0196Meyer Susa_0196 Meyer Susa_0204Meyer Susa_0204 Meyer Susa_0210Meyer Susa_0210 Meyer Susa_0238Meyer Susa_0238 Meyer Susa_0256Meyer Susa_0256 Meyer Susa_0257Meyer Susa_0257 Meyer Susa_0269Meyer Susa_0269 Meyer Susa_0297Meyer Susa_0297 Meyer Susa_0335Meyer Susa_0335 Meyer Susa_0382Meyer Susa_0382 Meyer Susa_0393Meyer Susa_0393 Meyer Susa_0379Meyer Susa_0379 Meyer Susa_0397Meyer Susa_0397 Meyer Susa_0400Meyer Susa_0400 Meyer Susa_0404Meyer Susa_0404 Meyer Susa_0406Meyer Susa_0406 Meyer Susa_0407Meyer Susa_0407 Meyer Susa_0431Meyer Susa_0431 Meyer Susa_0443Meyer Susa_0443 Meyer Susa_0450Meyer Susa_0450 Meyer Susa_0462Meyer Susa_0462 Meyer Susa_0510Meyer Susa_0510 Meyer Susa_0513Meyer Susa_0513 Meyer Susa_0523Meyer Susa_0523 Meyer Susa_0531Meyer Susa_0531 Meyer Susa_0528Meyer Susa_0528 Meyer Susa_0591Meyer Susa_0591 Meyer Susa_0599Meyer Susa_0599 Meyer Susa_0601Meyer Susa_0601 Meyer Susa_0606Meyer Susa_0606 Meyer Susa_0624Meyer Susa_0624 Meyer Susa_0682Meyer Susa_0682 Meyer Susa_0684Meyer Susa_0684 Meyer Susa_0694Meyer Susa_0694 Meyer Susa_0718Meyer Susa_0718 Meyer Susa_0725Meyer Susa_0725 Meyer Susa_0738Meyer Susa_0738 Meyer Susa_0746Meyer Susa_0746 Meyer Susa_0740Meyer Susa_0740 Meyer Susa_0763Meyer Susa_0763 Meyer Susa_0771Meyer Susa_0771 Meyer Susa_0774Meyer Susa_0774 Meyer Susa_0778Meyer Susa_0778 Meyer Susa_0781Meyer Susa_0781 Meyer Susa_0792Meyer Susa_0792 Meyer Susa_0772Meyer Susa_0772 Meyer Susa_0798Meyer Susa_0798 Meyer Susa_0845Meyer Susa_0845 Meyer Susa_0843Meyer Susa_0843 Meyer Susa_0863Meyer Susa_0863 Meyer Susa_0874Meyer Susa_0874 Meyer Susa_0905Meyer Susa_0905 Meyer Susa_0895Meyer Susa_0895 Meyer Susa_0911Meyer Susa_0911 Meyer Susa_0876Meyer Susa_0876 Meyer Susa_0948Meyer Susa_0948 Meyer Susa_0981Meyer Susa_0981 Meyer Susa_0962Meyer Susa_0962 Meyer Susa_0986Meyer Susa_0986 Meyer Susa_1067Meyer Susa_1067 Meyer Susa_1115Meyer Susa_1115 Meyer Susa_1122Meyer Susa_1122 Meyer Susa_1127Meyer Susa_1127 Meyer Susa_1144Meyer Susa_1144 Meyer Susa_1151Meyer Susa_1151 Meyer Susa_1155Meyer Susa_1155

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Holiday portrait session specials 2017 The Holidays at SkySight Studio






Schedule a holiday mini session now! Our special for 2017 is a half session at a discounted price, which is just like it sounds...  A 30 minute session, as opposed to a regular full one hour session, 1-2 outfits and only on the select dates listed below while availability lasts. So be among the first to schedule to be sure you get an open slot! I've opened up MORE DATES THAN EVER this year, an entire week of available sessions! 


Holiday Session Special 


($200 off the regular price)

* Approximate 30 minute session *

* Copyright release to make your own cards/prints*

* All digitals from your session included *

* Digital download and online album *



Sessions are available

multiple times

on multiple days

throughout the month of November,

dates are booking fast....inquire for slots still open!



Here are some photos of this year's sets...


DSC_3165DSC_3165 DSC_3245DSC_3245









Green is a color that is not in skin tone, therefore we can easily "pick" the green out of a photo and change it to whatever color we want, just like "green screen" used in movies. Therefore, if you have an outfit that would look great on our new velvet green couch, but its not the right color, we can adjust to match! Here are a few variations available that we can change it too very easily! 

DSC_3179DSC_3179 DSC_3179BdDSC_3179Bd DSC_3179BcDSC_3179Bc DSC_3179BeDSC_3179Be




Need some holiday inspiration?

Check out some of our PAST CHRISTMAS SETS 

from the last five years below!








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2017 Fall Sessions  

2017 Fall Exclusive Sessions

Pittsburgh & Greensburg Locations this year!!!

For the 4th year in a row, I've decided to bring back the fall exclusive sessions and add some exciting new features this year. I'll be doing my furniture outdoor in the leaves as usual at Bushy Run Battlefield in Jeannette/Greensburg area, AND a bonus Pittsburgh location at the Walled Garden at Mellon Park in the Shadyside area. As always, only a small number of appointments will be scheduled and after they fill up, we'll only have a waiting list in the case of a cancellation. So be sure to call and schedule early!



    • We will have TWO dates AND locations for fall sessions this year!  Bushy Run (near Greensburg) and Mellon Park (Pittsburgh)
    • If you can not get a session on these two dates, please inquire about booking a full session on another available date in late October. We will not have the same full set described below, but still provide some furniture pieces for private sessions. 
    • Session times will be in the afternoon. As much as I would love to have sessions available in the evening to accommodate work/school schedules, the sun setting early does not allow for that so we must work around the earth's rotation! (great excuse to take a half day from work!)
    • Please arrive to your session on time & dressed in your outfit for the session (sorry no time for outfit changes) 
    • We will do our best to reschedule in the case of bad weather, by utilizing our rain dates if needed. So although I know this makes it hard to plan for, just keep in mind we'll do everything possible to make sure your session still happens before the leaves all fall but there is no guarantee if we are rained out for several days in a row. 
    • These will not be the length of a typical one hour session, but we will still be able to get a lot of fantastic images in this session. I prefer not to host "mini sessions" (a current common trend in the industry, which are a quick 15 minute session with one backdrop typically and less than 10 proofs). I want to allow for all the time needed to capture special images of your family, especially when we need that extra time for small children. However it needs to be shorter than a full regular session so that I can fit in several families per day since the time frame for leaves changing is so short. You will likely have anywhere from 25-30 proofs from this session, but of course that is subject to how the session goes with your family and could be more or less. 


    • BUSHY RUN - TUESDAY, OCT 17th (rain date Wednesday OCT 18th or 20th on if absolutely necessary, depending on forecast that week):  This year we will be doing another settee very similar to the photos you see in this blog but a little more modern and lighter in color. We feel any fall attire works well with this color scheme. I will also photograph many "simple" images without the furniture as well.  Our color scheme I am planning for the furniture is a tan (almost cream!) settee and a red chair! so feel free to play up the holiday theme if you want to, or we can skip the red chair in your session and keep to the neutrals! These sessions will take place within a small area so we will do as usual, and schedule these sessions 30 mins apart. You'll get a full session of individuals, siblings, and family shots all packed into this time frame.  

  kelly_harbadin_014ekelly_harbadin_014e kelly_harbadin_031kelly_harbadin_031


  • WALLED GARDEN IN MELLON PARK - FRIDAY, OCT 27th (rain date 28th or 29th depending on forecast that week):  This park is located  adjacent to Shadyside near The Center for the Arts building and Bakery Square and is amazing all on its own without needing to add any furniture or props. So we'll be doing the sessions here with the amazing scenery that park has to offer us.  There are iron gates, amazing steps and stone work, old fountains, lots of trees for color and more.  

DSC_4234 copyDSC_4234 copy DSC_4239DSC_4239 Felbaum _059Felbaum _059 arias_maternity2017_025arias_maternity2017_025 Felbaum _038Felbaum _038


    • ​I am excited to offer a few options for packages this year at these special rates for these dates only! 
      • Basic package $475 - includes session fee &  20 high resolution digital files and a copyright release to print
      • Deluxe package $650 - includes all above as well as a beautiful 4x6 saddle brown album with 20 pages
      • Additional digital files, prints or products can be purchased a la carte in addition 
    • Please call to reserve your time slot (724.889.3326) or email ( 
    • ​​​You can pay in full at the time of your session, cash is preferred and very much appreciated for these quick paced outdoor sessions, since credit cards must be run on my processor at the studio (dont have a mobile reader) but if you must use a credit card please contact me in advance about payment and I will arrange a way to accept it. 
    • Due to the fast paced nature of this type of day, we can only do one family per time slot. Cousins can be photographed together, however each family will be responsible for their own session fee if children are also photographed alone (ie: two time slots may be required, inquire if this is questionable). If you want to do an extended family photo with several families in one large group as well as individual family shots, you also may be required to book two time slots. Inquire for details. 
    • If both dates are bad weather we will do our best to reschedule you during the fall leaves timeframe. However, the leaves change quickly so the window of time is short, and we sadly can't control the weather (I'm still working on that invention!) 
    • A $100 cancellation fee will be applied if you cancel your time slot less than 3 days before your session. 
    • Here is my pinterest page for suggestions on clothing!  ​















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Urban photo shoot in Greensburg PA Downtown Greensburg is just minutes from our studio and is a great place for family, children, and senior portraits. Its a great alternative to the classic park or nature type setting if you want to try something new for your family photos this year! 


mcdonald_016mcdonald_016 mcdonald_021mcdonald_021 mcdonald_039mcdonald_039 mcdonald_049mcdonald_049 mcdonald_050mcdonald_050 mcdonald_058mcdonald_058 mcdonald_068mcdonald_068 mcdonald_069mcdonald_069 mcdonald_095mcdonald_095 mcdonald_102mcdonald_102 mcdonald_112mcdonald_112 mcdonald_124mcdonald_124 carte_0004carte_0004 carte_0014carte_0014 carte_0032carte_0032 carte_0044carte_0044 carte_0054carte_0054 carte_0062carte_0062 carte_0072carte_0072 carte_0080carte_0080 carte_0092carte_0092 carte_0130carte_0130 gable_010gable_010 gable_018gable_018 gable_040gable_040 gable_050gable_050 gable_058gable_058 gable_066gable_066 gable_100gable_100 gable_120gable_120 gable_130gable_130 gable_162gable_162 gable_170gable_170

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Katie and Matt wedding - First Presbyterian Church in Greensburg and DiSalvo's Station in Latrobe Katherine and Matthew (Katie and Matt!) were such a joy to photograph on their wedding day. They were both so excited to see each other as she walked down the aisle, say their vows to be married, enjoy the company of friends and family, and party the night away.  I first met Katie year's ago when I shot her and her twin sister's double-senior session when they were graduating high school.  Shortly thereafter, Katie got a job at the Greensburg pool, and met Matthew there.  The rest is history! You'll even see below, a quick 10 minute stop we made at the pool after their wedding ceremony at First Presbyterian so they can get a shot on the lifeguard stand where Katie spent those early days of their relationship! After that we made our way to the beautiful Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, to photograph their bridal party and portraits.  Then by 5pm we were off to the wedding reception at DiSalvo's Station in Latrobe, a truly unique historic train station. Their venue was a great backdrop for what was an amazing vintage inspired event. We even got lucky with a train zipping by as we photographed them on the platform! Take a look below for a summary of their beautiful wedding day!

My favorite details of the day:  The back of Katie's dress and her blue engagement ring! 

My favorite photographic moment of the day: There is a tie! First, when they exited the church and everyone threw (earth and animal friendly) "rice"! I LOVE LOVE those shots!  Then when the train flew by and her veil danced in the air for several minutes while Matt dipped her, it was a romance movie moment!! 

Congrats Mr & Mrs Thomas! 

Marschik-Thomas_0002Marschik-Thomas_0002 Marschik-Thomas_0003Marschik-Thomas_0003 Marschik-Thomas_0005Marschik-Thomas_0005 Marschik-Thomas_0011Marschik-Thomas_0011 Marschik-Thomas_0014Marschik-Thomas_0014 Marschik-Thomas_0020Marschik-Thomas_0020 Marschik-Thomas_0027Marschik-Thomas_0027 Marschik-Thomas_0043Marschik-Thomas_0043 Marschik-Thomas_0054Marschik-Thomas_0054 Marschik-Thomas_0057Marschik-Thomas_0057 Marschik-Thomas_0060Marschik-Thomas_0060 Marschik-Thomas_0072Marschik-Thomas_0072 Marschik-Thomas_0092Marschik-Thomas_0092 Marschik-Thomas_0110Marschik-Thomas_0110 Marschik-Thomas_0134Marschik-Thomas_0134 Marschik-Thomas_0201Marschik-Thomas_0201 Marschik-Thomas_0140Marschik-Thomas_0140 Marschik-Thomas_0187Marschik-Thomas_0187 Marschik-Thomas_0189Marschik-Thomas_0189 Marschik-Thomas_0198Marschik-Thomas_0198 Marschik-Thomas_0221Marschik-Thomas_0221 Marschik-Thomas_0249Marschik-Thomas_0249 Marschik-Thomas_0275Marschik-Thomas_0275 Marschik-Thomas_0305Marschik-Thomas_0305 Marschik-Thomas_0310Marschik-Thomas_0310 Marschik-Thomas_0313Marschik-Thomas_0313 Marschik-Thomas_0318Marschik-Thomas_0318 Marschik-Thomas_0324Marschik-Thomas_0324 Marschik-Thomas_0354Marschik-Thomas_0354 Marschik-Thomas_0366Marschik-Thomas_0366 Marschik-Thomas_0370Marschik-Thomas_0370 Marschik-Thomas_0381Marschik-Thomas_0381 Marschik-Thomas_0389Marschik-Thomas_0389 Marschik-Thomas_0444Marschik-Thomas_0444 Marschik-Thomas_0460Marschik-Thomas_0460 Marschik-Thomas_0461Marschik-Thomas_0461 Marschik-Thomas_0463Marschik-Thomas_0463
Marschik-Thomas_0466Marschik-Thomas_0466 Marschik-Thomas_0497Marschik-Thomas_0497 Marschik-Thomas_0506Marschik-Thomas_0506 Marschik-Thomas_0516Marschik-Thomas_0516 Marschik-Thomas_0532Marschik-Thomas_0532 Marschik-Thomas_0534Marschik-Thomas_0534 Marschik-Thomas_0535Marschik-Thomas_0535 Marschik-Thomas_0553Marschik-Thomas_0553 Marschik-Thomas_0561Marschik-Thomas_0561 Marschik-Thomas_0579Marschik-Thomas_0579 Marschik-Thomas_0589Marschik-Thomas_0589 Marschik-Thomas_0590Marschik-Thomas_0590 Marschik-Thomas_0613Marschik-Thomas_0613 Marschik-Thomas_0618Marschik-Thomas_0618 Marschik-Thomas_0653Marschik-Thomas_0653 Marschik-Thomas_0654Marschik-Thomas_0654 Marschik-Thomas_0669Marschik-Thomas_0669
Marschik-Thomas_0693Marschik-Thomas_0693 Marschik-Thomas_0702Marschik-Thomas_0702 Marschik-Thomas_0713Marschik-Thomas_0713 Marschik-Thomas_0719Marschik-Thomas_0719 Marschik-Thomas_0734Marschik-Thomas_0734 Marschik-Thomas_0742Marschik-Thomas_0742 Marschik-Thomas_0744Marschik-Thomas_0744 Marschik-Thomas_0769Marschik-Thomas_0769 Marschik-Thomas_0784Marschik-Thomas_0784

Marschik-Thomas_0810Marschik-Thomas_0810 Marschik-Thomas_0791Marschik-Thomas_0791 Marschik-Thomas_0815Marschik-Thomas_0815 Marschik-Thomas_0796Marschik-Thomas_0796


Marschik-Thomas_0832Marschik-Thomas_0832 Marschik-Thomas_0817Marschik-Thomas_0817
Marschik-Thomas_0845Marschik-Thomas_0845 Marschik-Thomas_0856Marschik-Thomas_0856 Marschik-Thomas_0862Marschik-Thomas_0862 Marschik-Thomas_0865Marschik-Thomas_0865 Marschik-Thomas_0910Marschik-Thomas_0910 Marschik-Thomas_0922Marschik-Thomas_0922 Marschik-Thomas_0940Marschik-Thomas_0940 Marschik-Thomas_0980Marschik-Thomas_0980 Marschik-Thomas_0996Marschik-Thomas_0996 Marschik-Thomas_1004Marschik-Thomas_1004 Marschik-Thomas_1021Marschik-Thomas_1021 Marschik-Thomas_1024Marschik-Thomas_1024
Marschik-Thomas_1035Marschik-Thomas_1035 Marschik-Thomas_1038Marschik-Thomas_1038 Marschik-Thomas_1040Marschik-Thomas_1040 Marschik-Thomas_1144Marschik-Thomas_1144

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Wedding photography tips to help you plan your big day We have photographed almost 1000 weddings in the last decade and a half! So over that time I've developed many tips on how to make sure your wedding photography is the best it can be.  Here's a snapshot of some of my top choices. In no particular order, here they are!

FAMILY PHOTOS. Be realistic about the number of family photos you would like to have taken in comparison to the amount of time you have available to do these. Sometimes too many group shots can take away from the time we would have to do significant amount of bride/groom photos.


EMERGENCY KIT. Have an emergency kit on the wedding day. Tide wipes, sewing kit (full spool of white thread for bride, black thread for groom, and a color that it closest to your bridesmaids gowns, there is rarely enough in a travel sewing kit for major issues!), safety pins, deodorant, mints, toothbrush and toothpaste, powder and blotting papers for shiny skin, small and large scissors, tweezers, bandaids, moleskin for heels/toes of feet, baby powder. And umbrellas!!!


VEIL. Brides, be careful about getting a veil with detailed edge if you have a dress with details/beading on the back. You probably won't notice it when you try on your dress but once you naturally move around for a little while (including lots of people hugging you), the beads on the edge of a veil will continually stick and catch to the beads on the back of a dress! So if you have a beaded dress, be sure your veil is simple without beading... or vice versa!

GOLF CARTS. Simply... Be careful! These are common at a lot of venues to help the bridal party get to photo locations on the property. They can be more dangerous than you realize. Be sure to hold your dress inside the cart at ALL TIMES, and please do not drink and drive. The last thing you'll want on your wedding day is a golf cart accident ruining the chance of making it to your reception or ruining your dress or veil. (I've seen it happen!)


COORDINATOR. Consider a day-of wedding coordinator if you don't already have a wedding planner (can be the same, but not always the case). You can absolutely plan your own wedding but still hire a coordinator to keep the day running smoothly. They are great for all the small jobs so that family and friends can enjoy every aspect of the day. They can take care of little emergencies too, so that hopefully you'll never even know they happened. They can keep in touch with vendors throughout the day, ensure no major hiccups, be your "runner" to grab things throughout the day you need, be sure your vendors are where they need to be and when as well as make sure they are fed when you are (see more below!), gather your gifts and cards and put them in a safe place during the reception, put your items like shoes and cake toppers in a safe place so you don't forget them at the end of the night. I highly suggest hiring a professional for this, but you could absolutely enlist the help of a really well organized friend. Basically, this is someone for the vendors to call if they need to, someone to run back to the hotel if you forget the rings (I've seen it happen!), and someone to make sure you're not stressed. Consider a friend getting married the same year that you are, and you can swap jobs and do this for each other. Just be sure its not a friend that is too close, that you'd want to be able to come and enjoy all the wedding festivities as a guest. 

Another great resource is this Wedding Wire checklist page!

MAKEUP AND HAIR.   First, make sure to get a full makeup trial before the wedding. And I highly suggest getting photographed with the makeup done. How it looks in a mirror and how it looks on camera are very different. Sometimes you'll realize through this that you want more or less drama or color. Getting your makeup trial prior to a boudoir or engagement session could be double benefit as well!

Be sure that the hair and makeup artists are realistic about the time it will take to do your bridesmaids' makeup/hair. When this portion of the day goes long, it can push back the entire day's events. I've seen makeup artists run a half hour long, which puts the ceremony late, which then cuts out the majority of the photos so that we can make up time and get you to the reception on time. Make sure to ask how long they will need to complete each person, and give them the exact # of people who will be getting their services. If you add on more girls, tell them in advance. They may need to add artists in order to get it all done in time. Make sure the time they are scheduled to finish will align with when we begin the getting ready photos. We will want you just about complete when we arrive.

As far as hair, just like the makeup be sure to get a trial and test it out on camera. Even if you just check out how it looks with a few cell phone shots. Be sure to photograph the sides and back, from near and far away. | wedding photos Pittsburgh | wedding photos Pittsburgh PA

GETTING READY (GUYS).  Photos for the guys are usually a laid back affair. Preferably the guys should be just about ready to get dressed when the photographer arrives in their hotel room. Images of the groom putting on a tie, watch, cuff links, shoes, etc (anything special!) are all fantastic photos. Make sure these items are set aside, out of their new packaging, and ready for the photographer to shoot.

Photos with family will be taken if possible, if the family members are available. So keep in mind, if the groom wants photos with mom alone, she should be in the same area that he is getting ready at. Often times, the mother is not with the groom getting ready, so just let us know where she will be at so we can make a note if we need to capture the mom-son photo after the wedding.

For online tuxedo rentals, check out The Black Tux! They have some great design tips that showcase which top trends best suit you for your dream wedding!




GETTING READY (GIRLS).  Make sure your bridal items are ready to photograph. This means the stickers are off the bottom of a shoe, the tags are off your dress and veil, your jewlery does not have any price tags attached, and everything is in one place. Remember all items that you will have with you on your day – shoes, jewelry, dress, hankerchief, six pence, purse, garter, rings (if you have them, but if they are with the guys or elsewhere that is okay we can always photograph them later at the reception). Set all of these items aside somewhere (dresser, tv stand etc) so that when I arrive I can quickly jump into these detail shots and be done with them before you start getting dressed.

FOOD for vendors. Request to your venue coordinator that your dj, videographer, and photographers are all fed around the same time that you and bridal party are fed. This is so that we can stay on your same timeline, and be finished eating when you get up from the table to begin mingling at your reception. There have been several instances when we were not fed until the end of the last table being served, and we had to skip the meal entirely because it was time for the first dance. Not only is this difficult to do when we've been working a long day, but it becomes wasted food which you paid for. The dinner break is our first chance to stop and eat often for the previous 6-8 hrs of hard labor intensive work, since our day often begins with packing our car with equipment hours before the photography even begins. So a meal at the proper time is extremely appreciated and important for our energy to finish out the wedding as strong as we started!

PARKING & TRANSPORTATION. As photographers, sometimes it is inconvenient to valet our car at a venue considering we'll need to get possibly get in/out of our car for equipment or supplies. If possible, work with us to arrange a spot at your venue that might be more convenient. We have worked at a good majority of the venues around Pittsburgh so we're typically aware of a lot of the parking scenarios, but may still require the bride or groom to request a parking space on our behalf. In addition, some venues, such as resorts where the parking is typically far away – may also require parking arranged in advance. In regards to parking during photo sessions (especially around the city), sometimes we are not able to pull over to park at the bridge as easily as a limo could since there is a driver to stay with the vehicle. Therefore in some instances it may be easier for us to park at the venue and get on the limo/bus with the bridal party for the portraits prior to the reception. Every wedding is different so just coordinate with us on this, we have experienced a lot of scenarios and will certainly have a suggestion based on our past weddings.

BRIDAL PARTY. They are there to have fun, sure! But they're also asked to be there for you to support you on a very busy day.

Ask them for help, and give out jobs. For example, have one bridesmaid completely in charge of makeup touchups for you. She should carry your lipstick, powder and blotting papers to be sure you're never shiny and your constantly kissed lips always have color. A great job for a guy to have is cell phone duty. Be sure he has our number, so if we get separated following the limo, he can text us. trust me - giving each person ONE job is really a lifesaver. They will be focused on it all day and not have to worry about how to help you.

Tell them that you want nothing more than for everyone to have a blast but also to please refrain from over-drinking until after the photos. The more cooperation during the photos, the better the images will be, and the process will be a lot more enjoyable on everyone's behalf. It will also allow for the session to move quicker, allowing us to spend more valuable time with the bride and groom alone... which frees up the bridal party to get to the reception.

Ask that no one leave for any reason during the photos, and please be on time for the getting ready shots prior to the ceremony.

wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (42)wedding_portrait_skysight_photography (42)

WEATHER. We'll want to discuss a plan for bad weather. Depending on the season, we may need just a covered spot, or possibly an indoor location as well. Umbrellas are a must if the weather is calling for precipitation, I highly suggest clear or white umbrellas. Black will cause an extreme dark shadow on the top half of your body, where as white or clear allows the light to shine through on your faces.


FAMILY PHOTOS TIPS.  If you do choose to take posed family or group photos at the reception, I require a family member to be put in charge of monitoring those photos. I am happy to take photos at the reception, but keep in mind that they will be less formal, and I have limited ability to find and gather people at this point in the night. Remember, I do not know who they are and most people are scattered about the room (ie: dance floor, bar, bathrooms, outside). So, a dedicated family member to be my assistant for these photos will be required if you choose to do any reception group shots.

I do accept lists of photos for the church/ceremony family/group shots, but are not required. Family and group photos are welcomed on this list, with names of each person included. This helps the time dedicated to formal shots go more quickly and smoothly. I have provided you a template which you can fill in, or feel free to create your own (see family portion of this packet on previous pages). Just remember to make your list as easy as possible for us to follow. We don't limit the length of these lists and are happy to take any requests you have for family photos – however keep in mind the length of time that you will have available for photos and the longer the list, the less time we will have for creative photos of the bride/groom/bridal party. Pre-ceremony family and/or group photos cannot be taken prior to the wedding unless bride and groom plan to see each other – and are not recommended to be taken at the reception.

We will include anyone you have listed on your family photos list. However, in the case that not all family members can be found during the times we are taking the photos, we can not guarantee that the photos will include these individuals. Due to the fast paced nature of the day, we may have to move forward without them. We will do our best to locate all individuals on your list, but do not guarantee every family member will be in the photos if they are not present at the time the group shots are taken. Typically it is assumed that the family members will “know” they need to stay for group shots, but we often see people leave for the reception without knowing. For example, a grandparent who may be taken off by an aunt, or your brother's fiance who doesn't realize she is included in the family photos. The best way to avoid this issue, is to let everyone know in advance where and when they will be needed for photos. Putting someone in charge of gathering the family certainly can help as well. Weddings move quick, chaotic, and are very full of excitement, so planning ahead is always a big help.


As a final note... We also will try our absolute best to get each shot requested – however due to the fast paced and busy nature of a wedding day we can not guarantee every shot will happen.


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JJ turns 2 - a construction themed photo shoot for this truck-crazed little boy! I've photographed JJ since a tiny little babe and watching him grow up so quickly has been such a pleasure! When Stephanie emailed me to schedule his 2 year birthday shoot and asked what I thought about doing a dirt/construction/truck theme, I was ALL IN! I thought to myself, this is so perfect for JJ! This kid LOVES trucks and has E-N-E-R-G-Y! 

JJ's grandpa had access to a site his company was currently working on in the area and worked out all the details so we could safely go to the site after hours. He even came to supervise the session for extra safety precaution. 

As luck would have it, we got a rain cloud in the middle of the session making dirt INTO MUD! (extra fun!)

So here it is, a few of my favorites from their session!






























stitt_119stitt_119 stitt_118stitt_118





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Natalie and Simon - maternity session in Mellon Park and Carnegie Mellon Columns SKY_8447bSKY_8447b

If you've followed my blog you may remember seeing Natalie and Simon's wedding posted a few years ago. I'm excited to have a new reason to blog about them again, this time its a new baby boy arriving in about a month.  When Natalie and I discussed some ideas for their upcoming session we talked about trying something different from her first maternity session two years ago when pregnant with her daughter, Sienna. Since we had done their wedding photos at the Carnegie Mellon columns, I suggested trying that for one of the locations. Then we added Mellon Park for a second location, just minutes down the street. The two locations were the perfect combination of architecture and gardens to truly fit the pregnancy goddess feel we were going for. I can't wait to meet the new little prince about to join their family very soon! Here's a little behind the scenes of the shoot as well as my favorites from the session. 


SKY_8147SKY_8147 SKY_8231SKY_8231 SKY_8317SKY_8317 SKY_8419-EditSKY_8419-Edit SKY_8843SKY_8843 SKY_8723-EditSKY_8723-Edit SKY_8170-EditSKY_8170-Edit SKY_8219-EditSKY_8219-Edit SKY_8346SKY_8346 SKY_8802SKY_8802 SKY_8402SKY_8402 SKY_8723-Edit-2SKY_8723-Edit-2 SKY_8781SKY_8781 SKY_8552SKY_8552 SKY_8285SKY_8285 SKY_8700SKY_8700 SKY_8524-EditSKY_8524-Edit SKY_8886SKY_8886 SKY_8597SKY_8597 SKY_8878SKY_8878 SKY_8202-Edit-EditSKY_8202-Edit-Edit SKY_8170-Edit-3SKY_8170-Edit-3

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Tess and Matt get hitched in the rain at Meadowoods, Seven Springs Resort We have all seen those movies with a passionate kiss in the rain, the scenes that make you swoon over the romantic feelings that swell with the music. But we end the movie and think, well does that ever really happen? Do people actually kiss in the rain, or would they just run for cover or go inside? Our wedding in early July will definitely challenge your thoughts on that. Despite looming dark clouds in the distance, they went forth with their plan to have their ceremony in the woods at Seven Springs Resort.  The ceremony space, called Meadowoods, is the most adorable spot nestled among tall ancient trees that sway with the wind. On a sunny day, the sunlight will peek through rustling tree leaves and dance light across the wooden stage built for the vows.  Guests arrive by shuttles from the main lodge and sit among half split logs, and the bride appears from behind a set of barn doors that are kept closed until her moment of entry down the aisle.  On this day however, the sun was hiding behind a few dark clouds and the wind was picking up. When given the choice to move their wedding inside, Tess and Matt boldly decided to keep with their original plans to say their vows in this most extraordinary spot in the woods.  The bridesmaids walked down the aisle and just as the doors were moved to reveal Tess and her father, a single raindrop fell. The rain grew larger and faster and by the time she reached her groom, we were in an intense rain storm.  The officiant didn't miss a beat as he asked, Who gives this woman to this man? Tess and Matt walked up the steps and squeezed under and umbrella. The friends and family that made up the bridal party didn't budge for the entire ceremony.  Vows were exchanged, readings were read, and rings were put onto each others fingers.  And then it happened... that passionate kiss in the rain.  

Tess and Matt had the best attitude about their wedding day in the rain. They understood that there is no guarantee for a perfect weather day, but no matter what they were getting married and that makes the day perfect. 

Congratulations to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Rancourt! 


WeaverRancourt_0001WeaverRancourt_0001 WeaverRancourt_0002WeaverRancourt_0002 WeaverRancourt_0009WeaverRancourt_0009 WeaverRancourt_0012WeaverRancourt_0012 WeaverRancourt_0015WeaverRancourt_0015 WeaverRancourt_0030WeaverRancourt_0030 WeaverRancourt_0036WeaverRancourt_0036 WeaverRancourt_0051WeaverRancourt_0051 WeaverRancourt_0103WeaverRancourt_0103 WeaverRancourt_0108WeaverRancourt_0108 WeaverRancourt_0191WeaverRancourt_0191 WeaverRancourt_0111WeaverRancourt_0111 WeaverRancourt_0120WeaverRancourt_0120 WeaverRancourt_0160WeaverRancourt_0160 WeaverRancourt_0173WeaverRancourt_0173 WeaverRancourt_0221WeaverRancourt_0221 WeaverRancourt_0252WeaverRancourt_0252 WeaverRancourt_0272WeaverRancourt_0272 WeaverRancourt_0276WeaverRancourt_0276 WeaverRancourt_0282WeaverRancourt_0282 WeaverRancourt_0283WeaverRancourt_0283 WeaverRancourt_0292WeaverRancourt_0292 WeaverRancourt_0309WeaverRancourt_0309 WeaverRancourt_0323WeaverRancourt_0323 WeaverRancourt_0326WeaverRancourt_0326 WeaverRancourt_0349WeaverRancourt_0349 WeaverRancourt_0330WeaverRancourt_0330 WeaverRancourt_0338WeaverRancourt_0338 WeaverRancourt_0352WeaverRancourt_0352 WeaverRancourt_0355WeaverRancourt_0355 WeaverRancourt_0366WeaverRancourt_0366 WeaverRancourt_0374WeaverRancourt_0374 WeaverRancourt_0373WeaverRancourt_0373 WeaverRancourt_0387WeaverRancourt_0387 WeaverRancourt_0393WeaverRancourt_0393 WeaverRancourt_0398WeaverRancourt_0398 WeaverRancourt_0404WeaverRancourt_0404 WeaverRancourt_0401WeaverRancourt_0401 WeaverRancourt_0411WeaverRancourt_0411 WeaverRancourt_0412WeaverRancourt_0412 WeaverRancourt_0436WeaverRancourt_0436 WeaverRancourt_0438WeaverRancourt_0438 WeaverRancourt_0443WeaverRancourt_0443 WeaverRancourt_0448WeaverRancourt_0448 WeaverRancourt_0457WeaverRancourt_0457 WeaverRancourt_0477WeaverRancourt_0477 WeaverRancourt_0487WeaverRancourt_0487 WeaverRancourt_0494WeaverRancourt_0494 WeaverRancourt_0534WeaverRancourt_0534 WeaverRancourt_0550WeaverRancourt_0550 WeaverRancourt_0609WeaverRancourt_0609 WeaverRancourt_0646WeaverRancourt_0646 WeaverRancourt_0659WeaverRancourt_0659 WeaverRancourt_0675WeaverRancourt_0675 WeaverRancourt_0697WeaverRancourt_0697 WeaverRancourt_0699WeaverRancourt_0699 WeaverRancourt_0716WeaverRancourt_0716 WeaverRancourt_0724WeaverRancourt_0724 WeaverRancourt_0795WeaverRancourt_0795 WeaverRancourt_0803WeaverRancourt_0803 WeaverRancourt_0832WeaverRancourt_0832 WeaverRancourt_0839WeaverRancourt_0839 WeaverRancourt_0869WeaverRancourt_0869 WeaverRancourt_0901WeaverRancourt_0901 WeaverRancourt_0904WeaverRancourt_0904 WeaverRancourt_0906WeaverRancourt_0906 WeaverRancourt_0917WeaverRancourt_0917 WeaverRancourt_0947WeaverRancourt_0947 WeaverRancourt_0998WeaverRancourt_0998 WeaverRancourt_1013WeaverRancourt_1013 WeaverRancourt_1021WeaverRancourt_1021 WeaverRancourt_1049WeaverRancourt_1049 WeaverRancourt_1083WeaverRancourt_1083  

Thanks to DJ Jerry Humes for keeping the party going... and I mean GOING!!! To book Jerry, you can contact him at!

WeaverRancourt_1085WeaverRancourt_1085 WeaverRancourt_1088WeaverRancourt_1088

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Coffee table album options for wedding and portraits COFFEE TABLE ALBUMS

We really believe that seeing, touching and opening these albums is truly the best way to choose what you like best. But we understand that sometimes you're just shopping or want to get an idea of the options, so we've put together this blog with more information and photos on the most popular choices we have available! 


METAL - gold, color and silver 

Metal albums are one of the most popular because of their unique, elegant and sleek look. They are not as scratch resistant as the leather or crystal below, so just take extra care by not laying other books on top of your album. A custom made box to keep it in (shown below) is also an option. The metal comes in a silver or gold base, and can be a bold color or subtle image which may show more of the metal color. 


SKY_2484SKY_2484 SKY_2485SKY_2485 Sample shown above: Top to bottom, color metal, gold metal, silver metal SKY_2491SKY_2491

Sample shown above: Gold metal with white leatherette spine (color options available for spine) SKY_2500SKY_2500


metal pricemetal price




Leather comes in a few options. We have regular leather, two options for premiums, as well as square and triangle dicut in the leather. There are different color options for each type of leather. If you're considering a leather upgrade, make an appointment to come see/feel/touch the differences! You will be pleasantly surprised by quality!

SKY_2529SKY_2529 Sample shown above: Black classic leather with letter debossed (your names/date, not studio logo)
SKY_2530SKY_2530 SKY_2531SKY_2531

crystal and leather pricecrystal and leather price

leather dicut priceleather dicut price


Sample shown above: Classic leather swatches, dicuts shown bottom of left page

SKY_2608SKY_2608 Sample shown above: Premium leather swatches, dicuts shown bottom of left page SKY_2605SKY_2605 Sample shown above: Premium leather swatches, dicuts shown bottom of left page



A crystal cover is essentially a photographic print, overlaid with a high grade plexiglass. It's a great option if you want a detailed large image as your cover, as well as very scratch resistant. These also make great covers for portraits and family session albums. 

SKY_2453SKY_2453 SKY_2469SKY_2469

Sample shown above: crystal covers with a color and a black and white image and black leatherette spine SKY_2481SKY_2481

crystal and leather pricecrystal and leather price



Hard covers are the lowest priced, but still extremely durable and really fun. We can take any horizontal image and wrap it around the cover from front to back. 


SKY_2513SKY_2513 SKY_2522SKY_2522 SKY_2526SKY_2526
hard cover pricehard cover price



A couture magazine wedding album is an awesome trendy album that will fit the most images of any type of album we offer. They come in 100,200, or 300 pages, with one image per page - thats a lot of photos! They are made with recycled paper and surprisingly really durable for paper. This is one of Autumn's personal favorites!   *Inquire for pricing, prices begin at $500 for 100 pages.

SKY_2544SKY_2544 SKY_2548SKY_2548



This album comes in 8x8, 8x12 and 9x13 and has a really interesting way of being displayed inside a box with a clear lid, which affixes with four magnets on the corners. We absolutely love this option, since it puts your album on display while keeping it well protected. The sample shown is with a hard cover front, and a leatherette spine. But this album now has the option of upgrading to a crystal cover, inquire for more details. You choose the color of the box, spine, and ribbon!


SKY_2589SKY_2589 SKY_2592SKY_2592 SKY_2595SKY_2595 SKY_2593SKY_2593
*for pricing of this album, click here




So where do you begin when designing your album? Well, we just need to know your preferences of the style of the book, then some of your favorite images that you'd like in your album. 


We will need the following information: 

Type of cover _____________________ 
If leather, do you want embossed? _____________
If embossed, which color? ______________
If embossed, how to print names and date: ________________________ 
If image on cover (metal, dicut,hard cover, or crystal), which photo #? _________ 
If image on cover, are we photoshopping names/date into the photograph? _________ 

Size of your album_______

Vertical or horizontal orientation?________

Type of paper (we can make a suggestion or you can come see and touch the paper swatch samples in person) 

Thickness of paper (thin, thick or extra thick) 

How do you like your layout?
-A lot of white space
-No space / full bleed
-Little space, with black backgrounds 
-Little space with white backgrounds 
-Mixture of whatever the photographer/designer suggests will work best


How do you choose the images for your album? Well, there's a few ways to do that. 

1. You can simply choose your favorites, and average about 2 per page. So if you would like 30 pages in your album, you'll want to choose 60 images, give or take a few. 

2. You can let us (photographer & designer) choose the images we think are best. This is a good option if you literally love every photo and just can't decide. Keep in mind, you'll get a limited # of changes, so if we choose images you don't like you may only be able to swap a certain number of them photos out before getting charged additional fees. 

3. Design your album by spread. We personally really like this. Here's an example of an album that was 30 pages, with 44 images.  As you can see, there are several spreads with one full bleed image, which makes for some really great wide panoramas.  To do this though, they were not able to choose the 2 average per page (60 images) for this 30 page book. Below you will see 15 spreads (A "spread" is two pages, left and right. So what you see below each will have the book folder right down the center). What you see below are the digital proofs after we designed the album, before it went to print.We'll also show a few examples of actual photographs after this album was printed so you can reference the look of a spread in the physical book.


SKY_2456SKY_2456 004-005004-005 006-007006-007 008-009008-009 010-011010-011 012-013012-013 014-015014-015 016-017016-017 018-019018-019

SKY_2458SKY_2458 020-021020-021 022-023022-023 024-025024-025 026-027026-027 028-029028-029 030-031030-031 Now that you've visualized a 30 page album, which is 15 spreads you can begin to put together the list of photos for your own album. You can give us a list like the following: 

Spread 1  - bridal details, Photo #'s 4, 19, 29, 102

Spread 2 - getting ready girls, Photo #'s 56, 92, 104 

Spread 3 - getting ready guys, Photo #'s 35, 72, 99, 172, 184

Spread 4 - ceremony, Photo # 249 (obviously with just one photo per spread, we'll know you want this full bleed)


So basically you're designing your album, by the parts of the day, rather than blindly choosing a flat # of photos. When doing this, it helps a lot to figure out how many pages you really want/need. I suggest just doing this on scratch paper and see what you come up with. It does not matter how many images you pick on a spread, we'll make a design that fits with that number of shots. Just keep in mind more than 10 is typically getting a little too busy, but we've done some busy spreads that look great (like a dancing reception page with a bunch of crazy funny images of guests!) - so feel free to try and challenge us! 


]]> (SkySight Photography) Fri, 14 Jul 2017 18:28:02 GMT
Tracey & Andrew - Charter Oak Church & DiSalvo's Station Andrew and Tracey said their wedding vows on May 20, 2017. Their day couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was amazing, so many loving guests came to shower them with celebration and joy and most of all their love burned brighter than anything that day, including the hot sun. You could see the excitement between them spark with every glance and touch of their hands as they said I DO, posed for countless portraits, visited guests at their reception and danced the night away. Their locations were special as well... their own church, Charter Oak was the perfect place for the ceremony to take place. Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve was a gorgeous stopping point for a few photos to be taken of the bridal party as we arrived into Latrobe, and finally their reception was held at DiSalvo's Station.  Andrew's love of trains led them to that location and wouldn't you know it... we had a perfect train appearance at the reception just as we were taking photos on the platform. Check out a glimpse of their day here to see the special touches they incorporated and the great moments that were captured! 

Koleck_002Koleck_002 Koleck_005Koleck_005

Tracey's mother handmade her entire wedding dress from scratch. Some of the remnants of fabric laid on the floor in the sewing room while Tracey took it from the dress form, to her own body the morning of her wedding. I heard her mother say while holding back tears  "from all those Easter mornings with homemade dresses hanging next to your Easter basket that I stayed up countless nights to make, to this moment right here!" Koleck_022Koleck_022 Koleck_040Koleck_040 Koleck_047Koleck_047

Andrew gave Tracey her pearl earrands she put on as one of her finishing touches. Koleck_062Koleck_062 Not too far away, in the hotel Andrew was dressed in a fine suit with his groomsmen and best men by his side. His anticipation was exciting to watch.

Koleck_080Koleck_080 Koleck_084Koleck_084 Koleck_096Koleck_096 Koleck_112Koleck_112 Koleck_120Koleck_120 Once arrived at Charter Oak Church, Andrew and his groomsmen hung out in the billiard room and relaxed (and checked out the rings) as they anxiously waited for the guests to begin pouring into the seats. We captured a few solitary moments with him though.

Koleck_249Koleck_249 Koleck_263Koleck_263

In her mother's house in Ligonier, Tracey was simultaneously having a few quiet moments alone as we photographed her throughout the home and front porch before all zipping off to the church.

Andrew's face when he first heard the music that Tracey was coming into the church was extremely emotional, but the second that he saw her face and she smiled to him as she walked down the aisle, he burst into a huge smile. They locked eyes with each other for their entire long moment until she reached the front.  Koleck_357Koleck_357 Koleck_359Koleck_359 Koleck_389Koleck_389 Koleck_373Koleck_373 Koleck_446Koleck_446 Koleck_447Koleck_447 On the way to the reception, we stopped at one of my personal favorite locations in this area which is the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve.  It is quiet and gorgeous, in fact we had the entire reserve to ourselves while we were there.  I hold a yearly required permit to be a photographer on site there, and shoot portraits there often so I was already aware of a lot of great photo spots. 

Koleck_496Koleck_496 Koleck_508Koleck_508 Koleck_540Koleck_540 Koleck_552Koleck_552 Koleck_573Koleck_573 Koleck_592Koleck_592 Koleck_604Koleck_604 Koleck_610Koleck_610 Koleck_614Koleck_614 When we arrived at the venue, we took Andrew and Tracey alone to the platform above the restaurant while guests were having cocktail hour. We photographed a few shots with the railroad tracks when we noticed this Norfolk Southern train coming from afar. It was moving quick so we posed them instantly and within a few seconds this amazing burst of wind came and the train blew by with a loud horn signaling to us. For those wondering about the train safety of these photos, don't worry, we made sure everyone was behind the yellow line the entire time! As a train lover, Andrew was so thrilled we got that shot! (and ME TOO!!!!)

Koleck_641Koleck_641 Koleck_652Koleck_652 Koleck_658Koleck_658 Koleck_660Koleck_660 Koleck_667Koleck_667 Their vintage train station vibe was all throughout the location and the details.

Koleck_669Koleck_669 Koleck_685Koleck_685 Koleck_678Koleck_678 Koleck_777Koleck_777 Koleck_696Koleck_696

As Tracey and Andrew danced their first dance together, guests gathered around in a large circle and the energy and love was just beaming from all around.  Koleck_761Koleck_761 Koleck_771Koleck_771 Koleck_766Koleck_766 Inside of DiSalvo's Station is an amazing old train car, which some of the guests actually sit in for dinner. As they looked out their windows they could see the head table and the rest of the guests sitting around the venue listening to the bridal party members give a few toasts.

If you haven't been there, its quite an amazing location and restaurant. A lot of Saturdays are reserved for weddings, but check their schedule and hours for a night that you're free to have dinner there for sure! If able, request to sit inside the Prima Classe car! 

Koleck_788Koleck_788 Koleck_794Koleck_794 Koleck_803Koleck_803

Family members actually played live music during the anniversary dance, where many couples revealed that they had been married for over 50 years, several of them even over 60 years!! The final couple was actually a tie between two couples for 62... or 63 years.... (*when the DJ asked the one couple how long they had been married, SHE said 62, HE said 63. lol.... Eh, who's counting anyway!?  ---> it was adorable!!!!) Koleck_833Koleck_833 Koleck_853Koleck_853

The traditional western Pennsylvanian bridal dance (or "shot" dance) took place, but Andrew jumped in to help Tracey greet all the guests and partake in the dancing fun.
Koleck_891Koleck_891 Koleck_827Koleck_827

Before the end of the evening I made sure to capture a few shots of just the bride and groom inside the train cars at the venue.  Koleck_943Koleck_943 Koleck_946Koleck_946

Congratulations to Tracey and Andrew! It was such a pleasure to be a part of your day! I will end with a quote from Andrew that I saw on Facebook a few days after the wedding... when a friend said he looked "so happy" at the wedding, he replied... "I am! I have Tracey as a wife! Of course I'm happy!"  

The end. :) 

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Sample photography from Autumn's favorite Pittsburgh wedding venues There are endless options for weddings in the Pittsburgh area. Although there are far more than we can show here, this is a collection of a few of my favorites that we have a lot of experience shooting in. 


Highberger Raasch_860Highberger Raasch_860

Carnegie Museum, Oakland/Pittsburgh PA 



Disalvo's Station, Latrobe PA 


AmatoDaller_# 438AmatoDaller_# 438

Greensburg Country Club, Greensburg PA 


Cooper (216)Cooper (216)

Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Bedford PA 



Lingrow Farms, Leechburg PA 



The Lemont, Mt Washington Pittsburgh PA 



Heinz Chapel, Pittsburgh PA 


Details (10)Details (10)

The Pennsylvanian, Pittsburgh PA


Arias _0713Arias _0713

Omni William Penn, Pittsburgh PA


MOWL 385MOWL 385

The Priory, Pittsburgh PA 


Natalie Ian 430Natalie Ian 430

The Summit Inn, Farmington PA 



 Green Gables, Jennerstown PA 


Krainbucher (168)Krainbucher (168)

 Springwood, Penn Hills PA 



Jay Verno Studios, Pittsburgh PA 



 West Overton, Scottdale PA 



 Fox Chapel Golf Club, Pittsburgh PA 


FisherWedding 042FisherWedding 042

Renaissance Hotel, Pittsburgh PA


FisherWedding 345FisherWedding 345

 PNC Lexus Club, Pittsburgh PA



 Succop Conservancy, Butler PA


Interliggi (409)Interliggi (409)

 Twentieth Century Club, Pittsburgh PA



 Waterworks, Greensburg PA 


Webb_Judkins 134Webb_Judkins 134

 Phipps Conservatory, Oakland/Pittsburgh PA 



Morning Glory Inn, Southside, Pittsburgh PA 



 Wyndham Grand



Heurich 283Heurich 283

Spithaler (201)Spithaler (201)

Clemente Bridge



The Mellon Institute Columns 



Mellon Park



Worthington_ 473Worthington_ 473

Worthington_ 496Worthington_ 496

PNC Park



Barna _227Barna _227

Barna _236Barna _236


The Point




The Convention Center



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Kristina & Justin McCarty Kristina and Justin's special day on May 6, 2017 was the perfect Pittsburgh wedding day with so many great locations! It began with both the bride and groom getting ready at the Sheraton Station Square, a ride on Molly's Trolley to iconic St. Mary of the Mount for the groomsmen, a ride up the incline to St Mary for the girls, then some portraits on Mount Washington and Phipps Conservatory, and an awesome reception at the historic Longue Vue Club

Congrats Kristina and Justin on an amazing wedding day and thank you for the honor of being the one to capture your memories in photographs!



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Five generations Five generations does not happen very often.  When April first emailed me about photographing her son with her grandmothers, I assumed two of the same generation, maybe her grandmother from each side of the family... No way she meant her grandmother, and HER mother!? Through our conversation, I learned that she wanted me to photograph five generations of her family and I was thrilled about the opportunity to do so. Its always an honor to capture a special moment in a person's life/family, which is why I absolutely love my job. I probably do not admit it enough to myself, because lets face it, I've got daily struggles like anyone else... plus the stress of owning a business. It is easy to get caught up in the worries of the business, making appointments, answering emails, executing contracts, editing images, delivering orders, faxing my accountant, paying bills... Ok ok, you get the picture. But, every moment that I get to pick up the camera and create something magical for someone is my favorite part of the day. And, especially, on days like this one getting to meet five generations of a family in one place, I feel pretty grateful for photography being my job.



April, her son Max, and her mother, Wendy, live in Florida. They came back to Pittsburgh for a visit and to have this photo shoot done with the grandmothers when all five generations would be in the same city at the same time. We decided on Station Square for the shoot. A location outdoor with wheelchair accessibility, and also with fun "Pittsburgh" elements like views of the city, The Smithfield Street bridge, Grand Concourse, trains rushing by, and giant equipment left from the steel days.



The oldest generation with the youngest.

Max and his great-great-grandmother Ruth. 

sullivan_034sullivan_034 sullivan_044sullivan_044

April suggested we photograph each parent with their child... So we started at the top. Ruth with her daughter Lynn. It almost brought a tear to the eye watching how their mother-daughter relationship glowed as strong as ever, and was evident that that type of bond just never fades.


sullivan_052sullivan_052 sullivan_053sullivan_053 sullivan_074sullivan_074

No one can deny Max's cuteness. I admit, he stole the show.


Wendy and her mother Lynn

sullivan_083sullivan_083 sullivan_086sullivan_086 sullivan_092sullivan_092

April and her mother Wendy 


sullivan_118sullivan_118 sullivan_121sullivan_121

Max with his great-grandmother Lynn


Max and mama, April 


The iconic, Smithfield Street Bridge in the distance... one of my personal favorite Pittsburgh bridges

sullivan_152sullivan_152 sullivan_176sullivan_176 sullivan_062sullivan_062

I told Ruth when we finished... "you know you're responsible for all of this beauty here. Look what you've created." I hope she had a moment to reflect on this group of family members around her and know what a special woman she really is. 

sullivan_208sullivan_208 sullivan_228sullivan_228 sullivan_242sullivan_242

Special thanks to April for the opportunity to photograph her family! 

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SkySight's new album and display box combo  





SKY_2550SKY_2550 SKY_2562SKY_2562 SKY_2568SKY_2568 SKY_2572SKY_2572 SKY_2557SKY_2557 SKY_2575SKY_2575


Front panel in matte, laminated, or photographic paper.
Spine and back available in 40 high quality leatherette colors. Option for front panel in color leatherette as well (color can be different from the one chosen for the spine and back)
40 colors to choose from, transparent or semitransparent plexiglass lid with closure assured by 4 sets of magnets. 
Sateen ribbon available in 28 colors.
square, horizontal, or vertical 
8X8, 8X12, 12X8, 9.5X9.5 (larger sizes available at upgrade price)



TO MAKE THICK (non-bendable) PAGES, ADD $25











We think this makes a great wedding guest book. Below are a few samples from a couple of albums we've designed in the past. 

SKY_9453SKY_9453 SKY_9455SKY_9455 SKY_9458SKY_9458 Marschik-Thomas_0858Marschik-Thomas_0858 Marschik-Thomas_0859Marschik-Thomas_0859 Marschik-Thomas_0857Marschik-Thomas_0857


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Mia Z at the Westmoreland Museum for Whirl Magazine I've recently began working with young up and coming singer, Mia Z for several photo shoots. Mia's voice graced the TV show The Voice when she was just at the age of 15. These days Mia resides in her hometown in Westmoreland County, and is busy working on original projects with a number of different people.  She writes and performs with her mom, Lorey Zanotti, as well as currently is writing and co-producing a project with musician Bill Stankay. 

One of the recent shoots we've had the pleasure to partner on was for a spread in Whirl Magazine, highlighting three local businesses and boutiques in the area. Katwalk, Pure Barre, and Bare It Boutique. The Greensburg Community Development Corporation organized the photo shoot and intern, Victoria Draovitch, put together a several page spread for Whirl magazine's March issue.  Hair and makeup artist, Jacki Demario, who I work with often was also part of the shoot to help make Mia look fabulous.

It was so exciting working with the unbelievable artwork in the exhibit, Opposites Attract featuring the artists of Kathleen Mulcahy and Sylvester Damianos. Not only was it inspiring to me to visually, but it also could not have been better backdrops to the shots. The dimensional pieces of art added drama and texture with breathtaking lines and architecture. Speaking of... We used the interior of the museum's architecture to our advantage throughout the shoot. The museum had a major renovation in the past few years (you can check out some of my commercial shoot of the interior and exterior of the museum mixed into the commercial gallery).

At the bottom of this blog you'll see links to the credits of everyone involved! If you enjoy this post, be sure to follow the boutiques and artists! 

To see the online version of the spread, check it out here!

IMG_2206IMG_22062017 Featured on Borrowed and Blue - "Ashley and Travis"
2016 Feature in Pittsburgh Magazine - "In Memory: How these Brides Honored Late Loved Ones"
2016 Feature in Pittsburgh Magazine - "Finding Sunshine"
IMG_2207IMG_22072017 Featured on Borrowed and Blue - "Ashley and Travis"
2016 Feature in Pittsburgh Magazine - "In Memory: How these Brides Honored Late Loved Ones"
2016 Feature in Pittsburgh Magazine - "Finding Sunshine"
IMG_2208IMG_22082017 Featured on Borrowed and Blue - "Ashley and Travis"
2016 Feature in Pittsburgh Magazine - "In Memory: How these Brides Honored Late Loved Ones"
2016 Feature in Pittsburgh Magazine - "Finding Sunshine"

A sample of the spread in the print magazine


Below is a summary from the entire shoot, including images that were not used in Whirl! 



Kathleen Mulcahy, artist 

Syl Damianos, artist 

Katwalk INSTAGRAM: @katwalkllc

Pure Barre INSTAGRAM: @purebarremurrysville

Mia Z INSTAGRAM: @miazanotti

Bare it Boutique INSTAGRAM: @bare_it_boutique

Jacki DeMario   INSTAGRAM: @jackidemario 

The Westmoreland Museum- INSTAGRAM: @westmorelandmuseum

Greensburg Community Development Corporation- INSTAGRAM: @thinkgreensburg

 GCDC Intern: Victoria Draovitch

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Furniture makeover: Fantasy moss couch fit for a fairy in a story book I love vintage furniture. Most of those who have been to my studio know that I have a slight obsession with cool chairs and sofas.  I've recently counted all of my chairs in storage & studio and came up with over 60! Several of which I've learned to let go to make some room, and keep only the best of the best.  

A few weeks ago I came across the opportunity to purchase a couch from Maureen from the Velvet Big Top, a furniture dealer who specializes in buying/selling props, because she also happens to be a photographer. The couch she was willing to part with was one she used for an Alice in Wonderland photo shoot.  When I saw her photos from that session, I emailed her to claim it first for the day she would decide to sell it.   

I knew the couch needed some love, as it had no seat cushions and was well worn. IMG_1849IMG_1849

 My thought was to take the idea she had as well, and elaborate. The idea that this couch lived in a storybook and came to life was so intriguing to me.   Like Adam Sandler's Favorite Chair Song, I believe that old furniture has personalities. And this couch clearly had a BIG one. I already started referring to her as a "she" and just had yet to figure out her name.  

And so I began to work some magic, bringing her back to life with new "clothes".  She needed a cushion, so I created that with foam and stuffing. And my vision was that she lived many many years in a secret garden, and had perfectly grown into a furniture fixture that was difficult to see where the flowers ended and the sofa cushions began. So, next we lined the cushion with moss. I shopped at several stores for the right faux flowers, in the color palette of purple and teal.

IMG_1878IMG_1878 IMG_1859IMG_1859

I stopped at my friend Carrie South's floral shop, Bloomin Genius (*the day before Valentines day when she was crazy busy so Im sure she totally appreciated me dropping in to ask for enough moss to cover a couch!)  And she happily handed me an entire box of dried moss.  My friend Stacey came over to give me a hand and help me visually place the colors appropriately throughout and we were beginning to see the vision come to life. 

IMG_1879IMG_1879 IMG_2041 (1)IMG_2041 (1)  


After a full day of fussing with glue sticks and which tiny flower would go where, we finished. 

So as soon as I finished it, I couldn't wait to try it out.  Luckily, I had just worked with model, Bella Salem, a few days prior that was absolutely perfect. In fact, her hair somewhat inspired my color scheme for this project.  The shoot was for Jen Retassie, an amazing hair stylist at Contempo Artistries. In our initial shoot earlier that week, I worked with the model immediately after Jen created a very powerful artistic blend of color using Pravana Vivids


So I called Bella to see if she was interested in coming back to be photographed on my new secret garden couch. She was as excited as I was. The images that follow are a sample of what we created that day.

DSC_8884-Edit-EditDSC_8884-Edit-Edit DSC_9145-2DSC_9145-2 DSC_9351-EditDSC_9351-Edit DSC_9475DSC_9475 DSC_9048DSC_9048 DSC_9348DSC_9348 DSC_9478DSC_9478 DSC_9254DSC_9254 DSC_9583DSC_9583 DSC_8913-Edit-EditDSC_8913-Edit-Edit DSC_9394-EditDSC_9394-Edit DSC_9594DSC_9594 DSC_9026DSC_9026 DSC_9444DSC_9444 DSC_9430-EditDSC_9430-Edit DSC_9156DSC_9156 DSC_9472DSC_9472 DSC_9006-EditDSC_9006-Edit DSC_9523DSC_9523

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Shades of masculinity I recently got a chance to work again with one of my favorite collaborators, Broadway actor and dancer Jake Emmerling. It's always a great experience shooting Jake and creating interesting thematic ideas together. For our last session, A day in the life of a bachelor, we wanted to capture the essence of a single man in the prime of his bachelor years. This time, Jake, Jacki (our makeup artist), and I decided to explore the perceptions of male identity through a sequence of interconnected images. If a face or expression falls outside of our standard definition, is it a mask? Or a new truth to be discovered and appreciated? Who and what defines masculinity? If my true self ends where your true self begins, can we see each other through the fog, without judgement? 

 - Autumn Stankay 



With this series, there's the initial face value of what you see: someone becoming more unlike themselves. But which way is it? Do we cover ourselves in clothing, makeup, and character that we lose ourselves and who we truly are? Or do we hide behind what society declares what "You" should be?      

 - Jake Emmerling



Hair & Makeup by: Jacquelyn Demario

DSC_4549DSC_4549 DSC_4555DSC_4555 DSC_4585DSC_4585 DSC_4597DSC_4597 DSC_4627DSC_4627 Black tee and jeans by Deborah Lindquist DSC_4675DSC_4675 DSC_4681DSC_4681 DSC_4715DSC_4715 DSC_4753DSC_4753 DSC_4763DSC_4763 DSC_4846DSC_4846 DSC_4871DSC_4871 DSC_4878DSC_4878 DSC_4889DSC_4889 DSC_4950DSC_4950 DSC_4974DSC_4974 DSC_5087 copyDSC_5087 copy DSC_5264bDSC_5264b DSC_5363DSC_5363

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Boudoir-Glamour Photography special: Valentine special 2016 Boudoir-Glamour Photography

Valentine Special 2016

Boudoir photography is an extremely fun and empowering session. There is almost nothing quite like it. The nerves will quickly turn to confidence, and you'll radiate with excitement when you see the final photos. Want to also do some beautiful glamour images you can share with friends or use on Facebook & have the best profile pic ever? Awesome... we've got a package for that too. Here's a little bit of info on the specials we're offering this month, but feel free to call me and talk more. 

PS... Schedule with a friend and both receive a free 8x10 print!

BOUDOIR 2016 1BOUDOIR 2016 1 BOUDOIR 2016 2BOUDOIR 2016 2

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